Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What's Your Favourite.......

Song or nursery rhyme to sing with/to your children?

BG favourite is “She’ll be coming round the mountain”!!!

I have no idea why on that fateful day when she was crying and wouldn’t stop why I started to sing that song ! It wasn’t a favourite of mine as a child, it wasn’t one we sung a lot , I didn’t even realise I knew all the words!!

However I started singing it and she stopped crying and started smiling!!

This song is now used in many situations, to calm baby down, it stops her crying, stops her screaming, makes her giggles it evens sends her to sleep!!

We of course sing other songs but we always come to back to “She’ll be coming round the mountain”

Sometimes she needs an extra long version so me and OH make up verses, such as

“Oh we’ll all go to the park when she comes”


“We’ll all eat butternut squash when she comes”

Anyway I was wondering what songs do you like the best?

What works for you?



  1. What a lovely post.
    Our eldest has always loved Old Macdonald and has been singing the EIEIOs since he was 11 months. Sometimes we have to sing about Old Macdonald's Zoo if we run out of farm animals!
    He also likes Wind the bobbin up and can now do all the actions. But for a while he associated me singing it with him being left where he was while I carried on with my jobs, so he would cry when I started singing it!
    The new baby has always loved Row row row your boat.
    It's funny how they have their favourites :-)

  2. I love that one - She'll be coming round the Mountain - it's very upbeat. My little one locks Rock a Bye Baby at bedtime and Amazing Grace for some reason!! I can't sing for toffee though which is fine when I'm with the children as they have no idea, but we were staying with some friends at the weekend and my eldest told them that I was really good at singing Amazing Grace and I didn't want to let her down so I had to sing it in front of everyone. It was rather embarrassing, but she enjoyed it...! x

  3. My oldest use to like to sing the ABC's, and Savannah likes "Row your boat" and Twinkle Twinkle little Star" And my lil man likes Round Round...its not an actually nursery rhyme but it keeps him quiet

  4. I'm SO lucky. All I have to sing is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or sometimes Dora songs. Oh lord. LOL


  5. Sandy - How cute!! I sing to BG as I'm doing things to keep her happy!

    Maternal Tales - I can't sing either but that doesn't seem to bother her, I hope she never gets me to sing in front of people!

    Bearer of Three - What ever works! Baby likes when I sing and dance to Girls Aloud

    Margarita - We've not found Dora yet though sometimes I sing songs form Winnie the Pooh or the Mickey Mouse Club House!

  6. For some reason I always seem to end up singing the CBeebies 'Goodnight' song when Charlie goes to bed. He seems to like it (and the words are cute... we've had so much fun today, tomorrow's just a dream away...). But the fave nursery rhyme at the mo is 'Old Macdonald' - it's the only one Charlie joins in ("ee-or, ee-or, orrr")!

  7. It always used to be Londons Burning when Little S was a baby. Baby B loves Twinkle, Twinkle, especially when S sings it! x

  8. When my daughter was wee I used to sing the Shake n Vac advert to her. She loved it!

  9. The Dotterel - I sing Old Mcdonalad to BG she finds the sounds funny

    Clareybable - How sweet, haven't tried Londons Burning will try that next

    Katherine - Lol, its funny what they like!

  10. My Mum used to sing Happy Talk from South Pacific to me when I wouldn't sleep. I think I will try and learn it so I can do the same.


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