Thursday, 18 June 2009

Review: Sophie4Sophie Dress

Welcome to my first review!! I apologise now to the parents with boys its a girly review!

I have been coveting one of these dresses for weeks umming and ahhing weather BG needed another dress (She has about 20 brought by Grandad), then I was given the opportunity to have for one for a review I jumped at the chance!

So who are Sophie4Sophie?, official bio coming up....

(I know its cheating, but I couldn't have written it better!)

What is a Sophie4Sophie dress I hear you ask, well its a fully reversible dress that later becomes a tunic as your child gets older. The dress fits from about 9months to 3yrs!

All dresses are handmade with limited edition fabrics so its unlikey another little girl will be wearing the same dress. BG dress has spots on one side and skull and roses on the other (appeals to my rocker side) and is very very cool!

Now BG is 6 1/2 months so hers was a little large on her but not too big as we know shes a BFB, would you like to see my cute little bug is the dress? I thought so!!
Now she has only worn the spotty side so far we have a birthday party coming up where I want to show off the other side

BG wore her dress to baby group as they were having a teddy bears picnic, so I decided to dress her up. The dress was so easy to put on, which sounds like a stupid thing to point out by I find some dresses really awkward to put on! This dress has no buttons or fiddly bits, fantastic with a wriggly baby. So once I choose what side to wear we were off

Now as you know BG has started to roll, this dress didn't restrict her at all it allowed her to move and roll around. BG was laos having a very dribbly day and before I got a chance to get a bib on she had soaked the front of the dress, I did worry this would leave a mark or make her chest damp but its dried really quickly and there was no mark once it had!!

This dress stands out in a crowd!! I had loads of people ask where I had got it from, we also had a group pic taken for the local paper and BGs spotty dress pops!

These dress are all handmade will love and kisses (so the labels say) and you can tell it has been. It well constructed the fabrics are funky but soft and comfortable. It washed really well no skrinking or colour run. It dries really quickly and really doesn't need ironing.

Its the little things that makes this dress just a little bit special and thoughtful. There is a little pocket for the tag to hide so its not on show whatever side is worn. My favourite little touch is the tag its self (yes I'm a little sad!), next to the ironing symbol it say:

Cool Iron (That's if you do. I don't)!!!!! (love it)

Would I buy another dress, yes, yes, yes (if I could get one in my size I would)!
My dad loved it so much (Guess which side) that he's offered to buy her some more (She is very very spoiled)

So I guess you want to know where you can get them from?? Well I shall tell you

They are currently sold on two websites Juicytots and The Hedgepig both have different patterns so have a look or you can contact Natalie her self through twitter soph4soph

The only have on issue with the dress, choosing what side for BG to wear!!

NM x


  1. She looks so cute! I love the skull and crossbones - rocking :-)

  2. More 4 Mums - Its my fav side!!

  3. Great review. But I'm in a grump as these dresses are for girls and I have boys! x

  4. Sandy - Thanks and sorry!! You could dress them in it but I don't think they'd be too pleased lol

  5. You know, it wouldn't bother me and the boys wouldn't know any different, but their grandparents wouldn't approve. They keep asking when we're cutting the toddler's hair. He gets mistaken for a girl all the time. Hmm, perhaps dresses wouldn't help :-)

  6. she looks gorgeous and having 4girls myself a item of clothes that lasts a long time is always welcome in my house! i love it and great review! x

  7. Sandy - Lol! poor boy

    Amy - Thank you, it really is a fab dress (and if it gets dirty while your out just reverse it!)

  8. Great review and fab dress. Love the skulls.

    Have tagged you over at mine.

  9. Great review, I love the dress!!! Would love one for my girly girl :)

  10. Clareybabble -Thanks, the dress is really fab! You should totally get one. If you speak to natalie direct you can choose the fabrics


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