Sunday, 28 June 2009

7 Months Old!

Yesterday BG turned 7 months old!! I can't believe that she is growing up so much! In the last month she's learned how to do so much!!

She can now roll with great accuracy to get what she wants.

She can sit up on her own for a short time, and if you give her something to play with will slump forward and play quite happily (that is until she pushes the toys too far away and screams!!)

She can hold a toy in each hand and pass toys from one hand to the other

She babbles away for ages, she can say ba, brr, ma, mum!!! and da (which she says repeatedly to my disgust!! should be mum, mum, mum, mum!)

But my favourite thing she has learnt to do, which she did last night for the first time is give kisses!!! She was smacking her lips so I kissed them, she laughed then leaned in for more kisses from me and OH!! So so so cute!! We've been having kisses all morning!

Can't wait for her next new!!

NM x


  1. How lovely, and this is a create way to record all this! ;0)

  2. Create way??? I meant great way!!! :0)

  3. Oh I cannot wait for all of this...

  4. Ooh how exciting. I remember this all so well. Thanks for bringing back such lovely memories! x

  5. How lovely, babies are amazing. Just wait until she runs into your arms for a kiss and a cuddle x

  6. Mrs OMG - Thank you, I wish I'd started blogging when I was pregnant like you and Dancinfairy!

    Dancinfairy - watch out it all happens so quickly

    Maternal Tales - You're welcome! Lol

    Sandy - Aww how sweet

    By the way since posting this BG has also learnt to clap and shuffle backwards when she's on her tummy!! NM x

  7. Aah! I love that smacking of the lips - truely a wonderful moment. RMxx

  8. AHH mine are still coming up with little "new " things weekly although they are starting to trickle out now. I don't think they have many new baby moments left untill they are to be classed as little girls -boo hoo i will have no more babies, maybe it's time to start on another..then again maybe not. Enjoy every little newbie moment x x

  9. The Wife of bold - I will and am enjoying every minute of it! x

  10. I love first kisses! Baby B started doing it at about the same age. She now does an indian call and all sorts of different sounds and she blows raspberries. Love it! x

  11. Clareybabble - BG can blow raspberries and makes the funniest sounds seems like she learns new ones everyday!


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