Monday, 29 June 2009

Review - Jo Whiley - My World In Motion

When the opportunity arose for me to review this book I didn’t jump at the chance because Jo Whiley is a working mum of 4 (though that is impressive I can just about cope with one!) It was because I happen to be a huge fan of her and listen to her Radio 1 show most days (I’m not too old to listen to Radio 1 before you all start) I love the Live Lounge!

I have a huge passion for music especially live music which I got from my dad, as did Jo Whiley (though that is were the similarities end!!) I’m a little bit envious of Jo, not her life and lifestyle ! Don’t get me wrong I love my life most of the time! But her job, the opportunity to meet so many bands and artists and to be there to witness history being made, I WANT HER JOB!! Sorry babbling on.

So you probably thinking this will be a biased review well not so. As I said I jumped at the chance to read her book, then as I waited for it arrive I started to worry, what if its terrible? What if its like recent biographies full of “look at me don’t I know a lot of famous people” stories and filled out with pictures? What if a truly hated it and had to write a bad review? I started to dread the book arriving!

Even worse when it turned up it looked quite small, only 205 pages! I thought to my self that’s not a big book!

Anyway I finally found a chance this weekend to read it, OH looked after baby and with Glastonbury (With Jo Whiley) and the Tennis in the background I settled down to read it!

Within in the first page and a half I was in tears, not because it was a bad book but because the story was a incredibly emotive and heart wrenching. Throughout the book I was in tears then in fits of laughter sometimes both at the same time (There is a story about Princess Diane I won’t give it away).

As I already told you I’m a fan of Jo’s work but I didn’t know much about her, this autobiography gave me all I needed to know, no more no less. She speaks of her childhood with her parents and sister who has disabilities with nothing but pride and true undying love for them.

She plots her early life and her career interspersed with play lists for that time in her life. She shares some great stories about the bands and artists she’s met and the things they got up to but not too many that you want to shout “yeah yeah that’s enough now”.

Now there are some photographs but just the right amount, not too many that you think they are there to pad the book out

She talks about her love and passion for music and radio and the special bond she has with Glastonbury . She talks with deep love of her family especially her 4 children and her husband (whom she fell in love with at first sight!)

When I finished this book I was not disappointed as I feared, it’s a great balance of her early years, music, family , her career and great anecdotes about the musicians she has met. I really want to tell you some of the stories but I want you to read it for yourselves. I want you to understand where the title from the book comes from (very sweet by the way)

What you get from this autobiography is the passion she has for her family and radio. She describes her self as “Almost Famous” and that’s were she is happy being, not in the limelight, she still not entirely comfortable in front of a camera after all these years (she’s been in radio and TV for 20 yrs)

So if you’re looking for a good book this summer for around the pool (paddling), to read in garden, to try and read why the kids are driving you insane then give this ones ago. Its interesting, funny, emotive and will leave a little bit jealous of her!

Just need to work out what I'm going to read next mmmm lots of blogs to catch up on!

NM x


  1. Great review! Sounds like a really interesting book.

    Nici (SunnyNici)

  2. Very interesting review. I will probably by that book based on your review!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the book, I definitely found it to be an interesting read.

  4. Nici - It is,I really enjoyed it. Thanks

    Claire - Aw thanks, give it a try

    Dancinfairy - Great minds think alike

  5. Great review, and how exciting to get an email from Jo herself :-)

  6. I'll grab that when I go on holiday thanks for the recommend x

  7. Sandy - I was soo excited! Jumping around like a little girl

    Liz - Let me know what you think


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