Friday, 12 June 2009

Its My Birthday And I'll Cry If I want To!!

Birthdays for me are always a mixture of happiness and sadness, especially this one

They always remind me I'm getting older!

They remind me that my family is apart (some I have not seen or spoken to in 10yrs)

Its the anniversary of my step Nana's death (She passed away on my 16Th Birthday)

Today is also my uncles funeral and for so many reasons I am not going

So please excuse me while a shed a small tear for family and friends lost, my youth that is slipping away

But help me raise a glass to my beautiful daughter and partner, my happy little family and help me celebrate my birthday with a smile!

NM x



  1. Hope you have a lovely birthday with the special family that you have made out love. My baby is due 11 days before my birthday, I really hope he comes before then, although he would be the best birthday present ever!

  2. Happy Birthday and sorry it marks so many sad events in your life, but I will definitely help you raise a glass for this gorgeous little girl of yours and for all the good things in your life!

    BTW what was in the boxes??!!! I am curious :)

  3. Happy birthday!!! and even though you have had some sad have to remember that your birthday is still a very blessed event

  4. Happy birthday! Am also intrigued as to what was in the boxes!

  5. Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Don't be sad. You are one of the young ones!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Oh Sweetie......time for a party I think!

    Despite what memories hold, it still your day......Happy Birthday RMx

  8. Thank you all very much for the Birthday wishes had a lovely day!!

    So what was in the boxes????.....................................................................................
    Le Crueset cookware in Volcanic Orange

    (You know when your getting old when you ask for things for you kitchen for your Bday for xmas I asked for a new kitchen sink!)

  9. Happy Birthday to you x x x

    It's all in front of you x

  10. Sorry am so late in checking out the blogs, missed your birthday, hope you had a lovely birthday

  11. Jude - Thank you x

    B - Don't worry, thank you x


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