Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tag You're It!!

I’ve been tagged!!

Lucky lucky me!

So here are the rules

1 Mention the person/s that tagged you
2 Complete the list of 8’s
3 Tag 8 other bloggers

So here I go! I was tagged by the lovely Clareybabbling and Jo from Now Not Later , thank you ladies

Here are my 8’s

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To

1 Becoming a Auntie (Baby due in 7 days!!)
2 BG calling me mum
3 My pampering day with my sister
4 Finding a fab job (or just a job!)
5 Starting swimming with BG
6 Losing weight so I can wear my engagement ring
7 A night out with OH (or a night in without BG)
8 Every new thing BG will do

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1 Had a lovely bubble bath
2 Read Blogs
3 Played with BG
4 Went food shopping
5 Watched the tennis
6 Cooked for family
7 Spoke to my dad in South Africa
8 Texted my sister

(Tried to think of exciting things!!)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1 Drive (Started lessons but had to give up when I developed Carpel Tunnel Syndrome with my pregnancy)
2 Make music
3 Write
4 Bake
5 Get BG asleep first time
6 Really understand what BG wants when she cries not just guess
7 Live in New York for a year
8 Be creative
8 Favourite Fruits

1 Banana’s
2 Pineapple
3 Grapes
4 Apples
5 Strawberries
6 Blueberries
7 Raspberries
8 Green & Blacks Maya Gold (What its orange flavoured!!)

8 Places I Would Love To Travel To

1 Egypt
2 Australia
3 New Zealand
4 Bali
5 Singapore
6 Las Vegas
7 Rome
8 Wales

8 Places I Have Lived

1 Essex
2 Watford
3 Peterborough
4 Spalding

(Oh the glamour!!)

8 Blogs I’m Tagging

And 1 more means four

House Plant Garden

Juicy Tots

Mummy Tips

OMG We’re Pregnant

Kels Korner

Being A Mummy

40 Before 40

Right that’s me done, off to enjoy the sun

NM x


  1. It is lovely when your baby says Mummy.

    It's not so lovely at 5am when they're calling you to put all the soft toys back in the cot that they've thrown on the floor. Then again at 5.05. Then again at 5.10....

    Mmm Green & Blacks Maya Gold, I missed that off my fruit list :-)


  2. Hehe loved your lists. I've done mine and mentioned you in the intro. Cheers Carol x

  3. No.6 on your wish list - I found it so hard to know what my son's cries meant too!! It's got slightly easier with baby b but sometimes I still have no clue! x

  4. Sandy - Lol we spend all our time getting them to learn new things then we want bthem to stop doing it!!

    Claire - Thanks, you didn't have to mention me so many times, once would have been enough!! x

    Claretbabble - Its just so hard!! Can't wait until she can just tell me x


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