Thursday, 25 June 2009

He's Driving Me Mad!!

Now don't get me wrong I love my OH but 2 weeks with him at home is driving me mad!!

My whole routine goes out the window, nothing gets done and we don't do anything!!!!

The problem is me and my OH are complete opposites! I like to get things done early so that I can spend the rest of the day relaxing (Ok so you can't really relax with a baby but one can dream) Where as OH likes to have a lazy morning then starts doing things about 4 o'clock when I'm winding down! Arrrrrh

OH does works really so I understand that he doesn't want to be out doing things all the time but I had to really twist him arm yesterday so he would take us out and make the most of the nice weather!

He forgets that with me not driving I don't get to go out and do many things, I have to wait until he is free so I can go out! Don't get me wrong I take OH to the park and the 3 shops we have in town but it gets boring week after week its nice to have a bit of variety!

Only 3 days to go and he's back at work, then I get to winge that he's never here to help me!! A woman's nagging is never ending!!

NM x


  1. You'll miss him when he goes back to work!
    I was like that at weekends when my youngest was tiny. I had a routine and it was being interrupted by a well-meaning Daddy. We had a chat about it and since then it's been fine (he now asks me what he can do to help)! x

  2. I DO so know what you are talking about!! Mine is away at the moment and I miss him... when he is back - I keep wishing he'd get out of my hair!

  3. I feel for you! my hubby has been off sick from work for THREE WEEKS!!!!! he has hurt his shoulder so i am now mother, cleaner, cook and nurse grrrrrr, i do love him honest lol!

  4. Sandy - I know I'll miss him, I've tried talking to him but it doesn't seem to sink in!! lol

    Helen - Bless ya, I Know that feeling

    Amy - I believe you!! 3 weeks and he's still alive???

  5. God I know that feeling, I spend lots if time wishing my OH was half and then after a couple of days wishing he would go back to work so I can get back into the swing of things!

  6. My Hubby works away from home, so he is here for a few days then goes for a few days.

    I go through exactly the same thing. Routine gets thrown out - he interferes with things. Drives me mad, I tell you, mad!!!

    Then he goes and peace resumes....wonderful.
    Grit your teeth, he'll be gone soon...(lol) RMxx

  7. This sounds so familiar!! Hubby always moans that his days off are to ferry us around to various appts! I know he likes to feel wanted though... ;) x

  8. I can totally empathise with you on this one, it's definately a case of can't live with em can't live without them x

  9. Mel - I know its awful really I moan he's not here then moan when he's here

    RM - LOl! He's back at work today a dsay early and I'm now annoyed he's had to go in!!! Go figure

    Clareybabble - I think OH is the same, he likes to think he's useful

    The Wife Of Bold - Lol I agree

  10. Tee hee, *so* know what you mean - my OH has alternnative weekends off, and although I love having him at home - all the routines I've been trying so hard to get the litle man into go completely out of the window! And that's only 1 or 2 days a week - dread to think what'll happen when he takes a whole week off ;)

  11. Miss Lesieanne - lol, it was fine last time he was off because we went away but 2 weeks at home really not fun!


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