Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My Clever Little Bug

Today my clever little bug worked out how to get her toys without actually moving!

BG spent about 20 mins this morning trying to get her blue fish, she rolled, streaked and shuffled and every time she got hold of it she managed to push it further away

She then realised that if she pulled the play rug that was underneath her her blue fish would come to her!!!

And that's what she did pulled it towards it grabbed it rolled on her back and stuck it on her gob!! My clever little bug!

I wonder what she will do tomorrow??

NM x


  1. Clever girl! Babies are a constant source of wonder and amazement :-)

  2. Ahhh she's so clever!! I love it when baby b does something new, it makes me so proud!!
    I've tagged you over at mine... x

  3. SandyCalico - I know, I love seeing what she's going to do next!!

    Clareybabble - Me too, I'm a very proud mumma! Thanks for the tag x


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