Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Evil Mummy

My daughter has a scream that she saves for special occasions and if anyone heard it they would think I was ripping her limbs off!!

I call it her Evil Mummy scream, she uses it when I’m doing something she doesn’t like, for example putting her in her cot for a nap, how dare I not let her fall asleep on me and stay there for an hour!!

Other times she uses that scream include:-

Wiping food from her face and hands ( If you want to help me feed you, you have to let me clean you!!)

Putting sunscreen on (Sorry Mummy will not let you burn)

Putting a hat on her when we go out (I know I’m evil baby, I should just let you freeze/burn!)

Wiping her snotty, bogger filled nose (No Mummy I’m saving them for Ron)

As you can see I’m an Evil Mummy or you would do if you heard that scream!!

BG does get her own back on me!! When’s she’s done a really smelly poo she smiles at me when I’m changing her. She has that look on her face to say “Ha, you have to change my pooey bum ha ha ha”

Evil Baby!!!



  1. OH how funny! You would think I was trying to murder Cash when I'm just cleaning his face and hands after a meal. He hates it!

  2. Oh how horrible you are looking after your baby so well ;o)

    This made me laugh (and now I can look forward to all of this!)

  3. That's funny, and I can most definitely relate to that :) Mine definitely have an evil scream for when evil mummy is in action!

    How is your job hunting doing? Hope all is well x

  4. Sandy - She's exactly the same! OH was left to put sunscreen on her yesterday, you should of heard the scream I thought she'd hurt her self!

    Dancinfairy - I know I'm terrible!! Life with baby is never dull

    Perfectly Happy Mum - Lol they're so good at that scream! Job hunt is pants not a lot in the area, keep getting phone calls about my CV but because I can't drive I have to turn them down as they are too far away! soo frustrating as I obviously have skills thay people require x

  5. Ha ha our babies are so alike!! When I take the maracas away from her (because it's time to put them away, not because I'm being evil and not letting her have them!) at music class the whole room is treated to the same scream, sometimes accompanied by a full blown tantrum! Girls are so headstrong! x

  6. Clareybabble - Lol that will be BG x


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