Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Guest Post - Mamma McCann - Back To Work Update

I'm not really here this week, but the lovely Mamma McCann has written a guest post for me, its a follow up to her post back in June about her going back to work after maternity leave. 

I returned back to work at the beginning of August on a phased return basis of two or three days a week. So far we've had an accident at nursery (hot water scald), I've been off with suspected Mastitis and we're still sorting out tax credits in order to pay for Fizz's full time place in September.

I felt quite positive going back into work. I'm worried I seem a bit flaky having to run out if Fizz needs me, not quite knowing where I am in a job role that I was matched to in a restructure. I am hoping next month is easier, I'll be doing four days a week and this should give me time to prove I'm up to my job. 

I think I just need a confidence boost really. I've been mummy for nearly nine months, off work for eleven months.

I am contemplating dropping my hours to ensure our home life doesn't suffer and have started to use the new mummy 'live now, blog later' mantra so that Mamma McCann doesn’t become something affecting our home life. My time management skills need a complete overall.

Off course I miss Fizz too but on the other hand am pleased that she has picked up so much from being at nursery. She's less clingy, shares around other children (well almost) and her weaning has gone really well. 

My only problem is where do I fit now? Am I mummy to all at work? Am I Chelle to those who love me? Am I Mamma McCann? All my different hats need to meld together.

But all in all I am mummy to a gorgeous little girl and wife to a wonderful husband. I suppose I shouldn't be greedy and ask for more!

Chelle McCann

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