Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Guess What The Toddler Is Saying

BG has just turned 21 months and her speech is really coming along, she's learning new words everyday. Yesterday it was "more" and "cake" often together, she didn't get cake let alone more (she did get an ice cream at the park).

Today she learnt "squeeze please" and "cuddle" (thank you Show Me, Show Me) they are probably my favourite so far.

BG's favorite word is still "No", she won't say "yes" which can be really frustrating as she uses "no" for both "yes" and "no".

She's started to use three word sentences like "there it is", "I sit down" and "aww my Mum"

BG will say "ta" but she is yet to say "please" and "thank you". 

She can now tell me when she has had a poo, she pats her bum and shouts "poo" or "my poo" which is so much fun when you are out!!

We're trying to work on BG's pronunciation, some things she says took a while to work out. 

I thought we would have a little competition, the person who can tell me correctly what BG is saying below will win a prize, probably a bar of chocolate (I have seen this on someone's blog in the past can't remember who, sorry)

So correctly guess all 7 of these words/items BG  trying to say or ask for, closing date next Thursday 9th September.

1. Ga Ga

2. Too Too

3. Boo

4. Row Row

5. Baa

6. Car car

7. Pee

Good Luck!



  1. 1. I want to listen to some inappropriate pop music.
    2. I admire Archbishop Desmonds's work.
    3. Made you jump.
    4. Dad's back late from the pub.
    5. Can we have lamb curry for dinner?
    6. Can't we have one each?
    7. I like those green round things.

  2. My toddler's at a similar stage, so there's a lot of guess work going on in our household these days too. Here's my attempt:

    1) Grandma
    2) Train (choo choo)
    3) Peekaboo or maybe bear?
    4) Hmmm, my son says this when he wants me to sing 'row, row, row your boat' so I'll guess that.
    5) Bath? or sheep??
    6) Look at that car!
    7) Peter

  3. 1. I love lady ga ga
    2. Toilet wanted now
    3. I saw a ghost
    4. Sing row row row your boat
    5. ball
    6. I want to go for a ride
    7. Toilet needed again

    I actually have no clue as mines not talking yet but I had fun doing it anyway!


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