Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Soundtrack To My Week - When Parent Bloggers Goes Wild or The MAD Awards

This wee has been a strange mix of highs, lows and lots and lots of fun. I decided in the last few weeks to try my hand at being a professional blogger and have been really fortunate to have had a few jobs already which has given me a real boost of confidence, as I'm sure people are out there going "who does she think she is".

Monday I went to Butlins in Bognor Regis to attend the MAD awards, I was short listed in the Best Baby Blog but unfortunately didn't win, the lovely Emily at Babyrambles did so a huge well done to her. 

I travelled up with Tim, Karin and Snafflesmummy and want to say a big thank to Karin and Snafflesmummy who drove me around and to Tim who let me sit in the front on the way home as I felt a little poorly, I *may* have had a little hangover.

The awards where amazing and I had a great time meeting the most wonderful bloggers and partying the night away. Poor Butlins didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they invited us. 

I can't remember all of what happened (they may have something to do with the two bottles of wine me and Sandy drunk together) so I thought I'd share some of my highlights and some pictures I found on my camera.

Best acceptance speech goes to Pippa " Unlike all the rest, I totally have a speech prepared"

Ben telling me the story of when he wet himself when he was 5 (sorry Ben didn't warn you it would end up in a blog post)

Emma walking around with lights down her top

Red Coat Gary, poor, poor boy

Jo making balloon animals and hats

Dancing in a bowling alley and convincing the DJ to play one more song 

Going back to Sandy's room to drink yet more wine, probably wasn't a good idea but was fun. 

The Disco Lift, though not fun with a hangover ( Go see this hilarious video at Pippa's) 

I want to say a big thank you to Sally for organising it. 

I leave you with.........

Congratulations by Cliff Richards 


  1. Sounds awesome and as you know I'm extremely jealous!!! I also think it's fab that you are a professional blogger! I say you go girl!! xxx

  2. It was amazing and well done on the pro blogger, I wish tou all the best. You work hard you deserve it

  3. Hello! I think that its fab you doing it professional like and I can't wait for next year!

  4. Ahem obviously a serious and dignified evening... obviously !

  5. Sooo wish I had been able to make it, roll on next year! :-) xxx

  6. Epic!

    That Cliff Richard's quite good too, isn't he?

  7. you guys look like you had a great time. Your outfits gorgeous too hon. xx

  8. Oh dear, I look a bit poorly too... Should point out that that is apple juice in the glass, not hair of the dog :-)

  9. I love these photos!!! I'm sat in giggles just thinking about the whole evening!! Was great to see you again!! :) x


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