Monday, 6 September 2010

Little Miss Organised

That's me Little Miss Organised, if you want something organised come to me. I helped organise one friends wedding with three days notice, yes three days notice!! And my other best friend was let down by her other bridesmaid so I had 24 hours to organise a hen weekend in Blackpool, I did and it was a great weekend.

The thing is I'm only organised at certain things, for example I'm terrible at keeping my house organised, it looks cluttered but I know where most things are, its organised chaos. I have letters in piles and I can never quite get putting the washing on at the right time, I often put it on too late so it only gets a short time on the line and ends up in the tumble dryer.

When it comes to work I am super organised I knew where everything was and what needed to be down at any point during the day, I had trackers for everything, The Tracker Queen was my name, people laughed at me but that's what made me good at my job. I like to know where everything is and I like it to all be in its own place. That's why I have so many different blogs, I like to keeps things separate, like things to be in their own little box, have their own place. 

When we go away or have a day trip out I have to know where we're going, at what time and what we're doing. I hate being late, I mean really really hate being late, I will always get an earlier train, bus etc to make sure I'm on time, I'm generally early for most things. It actually males me feel sick if I'm going to be late for something, it makes me anxious, I get all sweaty and sometimes dizzy.

I have nightmares about being late and often don't sleep well the night before a big trip as I'm worried I will oversleep. 

I double check everything before I leave the house, making sure I have tickets, any print outs I might need. I will keep checking on them throughout the day to make sure they are still there. I find that this need to be uber organised and fear of being late can sometimes ruin trips for me and I'm sure OH gets fed up with it, I just can't relax.

I really need to find a way to get over this fear and anxiousness I just don't know how to. 

NM X  


  1. I agree you are super organised which I love as I am antithesis of this completely. But I know it can be v stressful to be respobnsible for everything. Maybe off load one or two simple tasks to others so you can declutter your mind e.g you would only need to check they had done thier tasks rather than having to do it too. YOu have probably had to rely on yourself an awful lot. Does writing it down and crossing off when done help? So you can visiually see completion and so your mind can rest?

  2. Do you need a job, I could do with someone like you to run my sadly disorganised life! About to get ever more chaotic as my nine month old (the world's naughtiest nine month old) is about to be joined by her six month old sister who we're adopting.

    Chaos will reign.

    We NEED you!

  3. Oh hun, I know what you mean about the anxiety thing. It is the reason that I don't really travel. I also struggle going to places with Piran unless I can drive there, getting the train with the buggy just sends me into all sorts of panic. I wish I had an answer for you but I don't.

    On big trips I have been prescribed tablets, not because I am afraid of flying, it is the getting to the airport on time, checking in, getting to the gate, getting where we are going at the far end that I cannot deal so well with. But I wouldn't take them if I was the only one in charge of Piran.

  4. Becky - I already do that, it doesn't stop me worrying!

    Poorparenting - I'd love a job!

    Kelly - I'm so glad I'm not the only one x

  5. I think that whilst you are worried about your habits here, that you don't actually need to change anything. Seriously there are more of us like this than you realise! It's about making it work for you though.

  6. I too am Little Miss Organised but only at things that don't involve housework. My house is always in a cycle of really messy - cleaning stage - getting messy again!


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