Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Feeling Blah

Today is a blah day, I woke up feeling really drained and tired even though I had a good nights sleep. I can never predict when I'm going to feel like this, that's the beauty of depression it just creeps up on you. 

I don't want to do anything. I feel like there is a huge weight pushing down on me and I'm so very tired. 

Normally I would just sleep it off or when I worked keep out of everyone's way but its really hard now BG is a toddler. When she was little I could have a PJ day and we could snuggle of the sofa and shut out the world, but now she wants to do things and be entertained and its a struggle when I feel like this.

Today I have managed to get me and BG dressed and she's having lunch as I type (I try not to blog when she's awake). I'm going to have to find something to entertain her with this afternoon, I really can't face leaving the house. There is only so much TV we can watch. I do miss her nap times, I could do with one myself.

I just need to get through today I shall be good , my blah days often only last a day. 

Sorry for the moan I just need to write about it 



  1. I was only saying to Little M today, "How about going to bed for a sleep?" He wouldn't. I would even join him as I'm so tired.....toddlers are hard work and their energy is limitless.
    I hope that when you wake tomorrow it will be a good day but sending lots of good wishes that you get through today without too much problem. Will BG sit down after lunch with a film and hopefully snooze?
    Take care

  2. I often feel the same way. I know seeing people today might feel like the thing you LEAST want to do, but seriously a playdate is a brilliant fix for this sort of thing. You don't need to actually socialise - your friend will understand. Firstly BG will be happy playing with someone else and that takes the "entertain me!!" pressure off you. Secondly a cup of tea made by a friend or neighbour always tastes better than your own.

  3. Been feeling this way a lot myself recently hun, they are little whirl-winds of energy aren't they!! I'm at office today otherwise I would come over and take BG off your hands for a bit. Text me when you are next free and we can sit and have loads of tea (or I will bring hot choc) xxx

  4. I agree with Mum versus Kids: I struggle with depression too and sometimes the idea of coffee with friend doesn't appeal but it makes the struggle of trying to entertain a toddler so much easier.

    But you probably know that ...

    Early night tonight to bring the day to a close quicker?

  5. I don't have any friends near by, they all live about 30 mins away and work so don't get to see them much. I don't know anyone that well here, that doesn't help with the depression x

  6. Oh lovely. I hope this is just because you're tired after such a hectic day yesterday. It was so great to talk to you and hear your positive plans. Hang in there x

  7. What a perfect description "blah" days. I feel like curling into a ball and liberating. Mum versus kids is so right though. Once your in company it pushes u out of yourself and u feel better. I hope your mood has lifted.

    M2M x

  8. Sorry that should have read hibernating not liberating, tho liberation sounds nice!

  9. I have days (sometimes weeks..months) like this..go to the doctor, get help, don't let it build up, ask to see a counsellor. I know this seems like an extreme reaction to one day of feeling a bit rubbish, but there are so many things you can do to get help...Is their any play groups where BG could go maybe just for a couple of hours a week, so you could get some you time. Have a massage, get your hair done. What ever makes you feel better. I am sure you will feel better tomorrow. xxx

  10. I have these kind of days too, when your just so tired you can't function properly yet you had a good nights sleep. They do creep up on you and I always end up feeling guilty as pop princess watches the TV nearly all day. But you know what its ok to have days like these, its ok to stay indoors, its not like it happens everyday and will do BG no harm. Hope you feel brighter tomorrow and a big hug to you from me x

  11. i know love - i was isolated for years - the only thing I can suggest is to look forward and that if today is a bad day you know tomorrow will be better - try counting the smiles bg gives you however tired you are -and get her to look through all your lovely pics with you - my two loved that and it always made me feel so much better and closer to them no matter how bad things felt (and often were) - you are strong sweetheart and we are only a phone call away xoxo


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