Monday, 31 May 2010

OMG BG is 18 Months Old!!

On Thursday BG turned 18 months, I really can’t believe it! She’s growing up so quickly, I know I say that every time I write one of these posts but she really is learning so much.

Her personality is really starting to show and she is growing in confidence every day. She is definitely a cheeky monkey, her new trick is to climb up on the sofa with her winnie the pooh, close her eyes and fake snore!!!  

The tantrums are coming thick and fast but I’m learning to cope with them and can deal with them much better now. Her sleep is so much better and she now goes down awake without any fuss, she’s in bed for 7 though she does like to get up early, anytime between 5 and 6.30!!
As BG’s birthday is at the end of November which is pretty close to Christmas I decided we will celebrate her half birthdays. To celebrate me and BG made cakes, this was the first time we baked together and it went really well....

I’m really looking forward to more cooking with BG, we might make cookies next time!



  1. Bless looks like she had fun.
    Time dose go to fast,it only seems like yesterday my 2 where 18mths {now 7yrs and 3yrs old!}
    Its mad when you think about it my baby boy will be going to school next sept :(

  2. looks like you have all had a really great time

  3. Look likes she is having fun!! And what a lovely young lady :-) x

  4. She is adorable. You always sound like you are having so much fun. xx

  5. bless her!! My two used to love baking when they were tots - rice crispy mountains were a firm fav!

  6. Blimey - I'm impressed! She looks like she has better baking skills than me, although I don't set a terribly high standard to be honest :-)


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