Tuesday, 25 May 2010

BG Goes to the Science Museum

BG has had a really busy week and has been and done lots of new things, this started last Saturday when we took a trip to London. We were invited to a family fun morning, I took my best friend N along and her daughter. We decided to make the most of the day and visit the Science Museum in the afternoon.  

I was dreading the trip down on the train, me and BG had only been on short 20 min journey’s before this was going to be two trains and then the undergrounds, you can understand why I was feeling a bit nervous.

I shouldn’t have worried BG was pretty good and I took plenty of snacks and made a fun bag up for her to keep her occupied, my God Daughter E played with her as well. The undergrounds wasn’t a total nightmare like I feared, a lot of the stations have lifts now and N helped me up and down the stairs, to be honest we were offered help at every set of steps we came to.

The Science Museum is much bigger than I remembered, It really spacious and bright. We only had a few hours there so only got to do a few things but you could spend the whole day there.

We headed for the Basement first and once we have found it (we got a little lost) BG went wild. There is section called the Garden, which is full of things for younger children to do, the main areas are construction, water, light and sound.  BG found the water and it was hard to tear her away, we spent a good 40 minutes there and I was glad I remembered to bring a clean set of clothes.

While N and E went on a tour around the Exploring Space exhibition, I took BG around the Energy Hall which if full of trains and engines etc. We walked through it to get to the basement earlier in the day and she was fascinated. BG pulled me around the hall for 30 mins pointing at the trains and cars shouting “what’s that?, what’s that?”, you should have the look of pure joy on her face, I had to buy her a toy car and train for the journey home, she fell asleep holding them.

We also went to the Launch Pad on the 3rd floor which is an interactive exhibition, which E really enjoyed.  There was thermal imaging, light table and pedal power where you try and get electrical items to work by peddling to power them; we only saw a fraction of the exhibition as we had to go home.

We had a great afternoon and we didn’t even get to see a quarter of the museum, me and OH are going to take BG back before the summer holidays.  Most of the Science Museum is free, though they do suggest a donation of £3, really worth a visit for children and adults and it’s close to the National History Museum.

BG fell asleep on the tube ride and stayed asleep as we went up and down stairs and in and out lifts and the whole train journey home, she had a really good day!

Next time BG goes to Drayton Manor and BG goes to the seaside.



  1. Oh oh oh - lovely post, please can I use it on havealovelytime.com?
    Brilliant pics, love it.
    I say both love and lovely too much and feel I should step away from the computer.

  2. Wow sounds like a fab place to go pop princess would love it! Will have to get brave and get down there on the train and eek the tube!

  3. The science museum is just the best isn't it! My kids love it and much prefer it to the Natural History Museum (where I used to be a curator). Of course, I much prefer the V & A. Next time you go let me know ;)

  4. Linda - Of course you can use it x

    rock n roll mummy - it wasn't as bad as thought it would be x

    Zooarchaeologist - Love the V&A, will def let you know x


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