Sunday, 9 May 2010

Plastic Joy, Sunshine and Photo's

Over the last month I've been tagged with a few meme's and as usual I've let them build up so here they are:-

Firstly I've been tagged by Lorraine, Sally, Leslieanne and Victoria to do the Plastic Joy meme or the freebie 5, I have to share with you the 5 fictional characters I would *ahem* spend the night with, you get my drift. 

Now I am I little worried sharing this list with you, not only will you see my taste in men but you will find out what crap TV I watch. I'm not going into why I *like* them, I just do.

In no particular order ......

                                                             Warrick Brown from CSI. 

                                                             Colby from Numb3rs 
                                                            G Callen from NCIS:LA

                                                      Owen Hunt from Greys Anatomy 
                                                           Larry Paul in Ally McBeal 

I know many of you have done this meme so I'm not going to pass in it on to anyone in particular, if you haven't done it then feel free to do so.

Next the lovely Mrs Lucia-Wright tagged me with the  Sunshine award.

All I have to do is pass this onto other bloggers that bring sunshine in to my life, so here are some of them.

Liz at Living With Kids
Josie at Sleep Is For The Weak
Sally at Who's The Mummy
Carly at Mummy Shoes
Susan at SusanKmann
Tim at Bringing up Charlie
Victoria at Its A Small World After All 

OK now I'm going to cheat slightly I've been tagged for some meme's I have already done so I'm going to link to them!

YummyMummyno1  and  BabyGenie  tagged me in the Photo meme, I did this last year so click here to see it. 

SusanKmann tagged me in the 7 things meme which I did just last week on Midlands Mums so pop over and take a look 

Phew that's them done, I have go a few more to do but I will do them next week. If you want to do any of these meme's the go ahead!




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  1. Hehe @ Warrick Brown! I'm more of a Greg Sanders girl!! ;)

  2. I don't know what Emma means - definitely Warrick!

  3. Emma - he's a bit geeky for me!

    Hearth-Mother - Good girl!!


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