Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Gallery - My Secret Garden

The subject on this week 
Gallery, is paint a picture  the world we live in inspired by Secret Britain.

I thought I'd share my Secret Garden. If you look at my garden as a whole, its a complete mess, its so bad I'm not sharing a picture of it, I am truly ashamed.

However there are little pieces of my garden that are lovely

My garden is green all year long thanks to these.

The bluebells first made a surprise appearance last year. 

Ivy is not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it improves my back fence 

We have a little plastic green house, we're growing beans, parsley, thyme, salad leaves & sunflowers in there.

Our Marigolds we're growing from seed

Strawberry Plants

My Rosemary plant, which is my favourite herb.

My Garden may look a mess at first glance but hidden away are some precious plants. 

NM x 


  1. Ahhh, how lovely. Isn't it nice when the garden is part of "home" and somewhere that you love to be! :-)

  2. Im jealous of your beans - mine dont look anything like that yet ! You have some lovely things growing and i love Rosemary too. I dried some from the garden this year to keep us going when it went a bit woody.

  3. I think your garden is lovely - we live in a flat so I am very jealous.

  4. Aww that is lovely. Great pics. x

  5. That's really lovely, it's nice to have a sanctuary at home :) Great pictures x

  6. redtedart - Yes it is.

    Sarah Goodwin - They are two week old I think the greenhouse helps.

    Cupotea - I feel your pain, I was in a flat for 8 years, really missed having a garden

    Susankmann - Thanks hun

    liz@Violet Posy - It is, thanks hun x

  7. You look so organised and green fingered :) - I'd be jealous but I'm not daft I know how much hard work keeping a beautiful garden is and there's no magic wand (except mine - mine kills yucca plants at 50 paces!)

  8. Aren't blue bells just beautiful. We have a hill full of them, I'll photograph them when they decide to show! Your strawberry plants look really healthy, I might need some tips!

    CJ xx

  9. I love your garden. I've got a little plastic greenhouse to, they're great aren't they!

    I'd never thought of doing strawberrys in a basket - what a brilliant idea. I've found some tumbling tomatoes this year - looking forward to them coming out.

  10. Wow, you have green fingers! Love your garden and growing your own herbs. Rosemary is fab, I often put it under chicken fillet on the grill. Smells and tastes yummy.

  11. Your garden definitely has some lovely bits! It took us ages to get our garden into any kind of shape when we moved in. This summer is the first time I'm having a go at growing some fruit, veg and herbs. It's exciting watching them grow/trying not to kill them!

  12. You have inspired me to go out and water my tomato plants! What a great post and pics, no matter how small or scruffy my garden has always meant so much to me, it is nice to see others feel that way too.

  13. It is fab, I just got one of the plastic greenhouses - they are great aren't they.

  14. Mckdaddy is always on at me to get an Ivy but I'm not keen. I like yours though so maybe I'll think again. Isn't it great to see the veg and herbs growing, so much potential for yummy dinners


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