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Guest Post Day - Becky from Baby Budgeting

This is the second Guest Post Day organised by Erica at Little Mummy, basically we all swap blogs for the day. Our blog swap is a little different as its a three way swap I’m writing for Single Mummy, Single Mummy is writing for Baby Budgeting and Baby Budgeting is writing for me.

This is Becky from Baby Budgeting fantastic Guest Post 

My love is perfect even though my parenting isn’t

I very rarely get to write about my wonderful children as I focus my blog around budgeting for parents but they are the reason for the budgeting you see. They are the reason for pretty much everything I do. Carol writes so beautifully about her gorgeous daughter I often feel jealous. So please indulge me as I indulge myself and tell you a little about them.

My son is 5 and daughter is 2 and they are chalk and cheese. Frankie is smart, extremely lively, cheeky and serious and easily frustrated. He also has a huge sense of justice and ethics. He loves animals and knows way more than me about many things. Did you know a chow is a dog with a blue tongue?

Annalise is calm, happy, chilled out and loves people. She’s not really sure how to have a tantrum. She believes her true name should be Princess Dora Chipstick Ooo. She is mildly obsessed with ponies and doggie and is a big fan of fancy fairy cakes. She finds life very easy he finds it a bit tough but always, always exciting.

Lisi is nearly 3 and will go to school next year too.   Times are a changing and I feel a sense of countdown beginning already. It has been so wonderful. How precious our children and our time with them. I know indeed I have been very, very lucky being able to spend so much time with them.

In his poem Perfection, Walt Whitman wrote

Only themselves can understand themselves and the likes of themselves as only a soul can understand a soul

The feeling I have of love for my children is exactly this: it is perfect; undamaged, unconditional and absolute.

I could say I love them perfectly but obviously I don’t. i get it very wrong in lots of ways much of the time (Jam sandwiches when he wanted  cheese, favourite Peppa nightie still in the wash, mummy in a grumpy mood etc) . But I do feel perfect love for them. And that is the most amazing treasure and that’s why as parents I think we feel connected, we all l know about this glorious treasure this gift of loving our children.

Wishing you happy baby days

Becky x

Thank you so much for that great post Becky!

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  1. What a beautiful post, there is a poem about there is only one way to be a perfect mum, but millions of ways to be a good one. I want to be a good mum. Your love for your children shines out

  2. What a lush post. Glad that Top Ender isn't the only one who decided that her real name was Princess!

  3. Great blog Becky. As you say it is unusual for you to write about your children. You are one of the top mums I can think of that puts their children first and will happily wear creased clothes to get to have fun with Lisi and Frankie. Like Lisi's name for herself - you'd better tell her to use her real name before she starts school!

  4. I had to read it in two sittings, as I realised I was so absorbed by the lovely way you describe your children I was ignoring mine...oops!

    "My love is perfect even though my parenting isn’t" - I really love that.

  5. gorgeous post and two beautiful angels.xx

  6. This is beautiful, and so true that as parents we feel connected as 'we all l know about this glorious treasure this gift of loving our children', it is an amazing gift that grows constantly, and I could not have imagined the full extent of this until becoming a parent myself.


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