Monday, 24 May 2010

The Gallery - Friendships

This week’s subject on The Gallery is friendship, I thought it would be easy but trying to find my pictures was hard. A lot of my older pictures are in storage I really need to get them and scan then so I can share them with you.  

I’m really lucky when it comes to friends, I may not have many but those are do have are fantastic.

These lovely people above are my brother and sisters. On the left is my sister V, we are very close now though it hasn’t always been that way, when we we’re younger we were so nasty to each but now I couldn’t live without her. On the left is the two D’s, they are very close as well, not that we don’t get on but they are closer in age, there is 10 years between me and my sister. We are good friends now that we are all older. I’m really happy they live near each other as me and V lives a few hours away.

The lady *ahem* in the photos above is one of my best friends N, we meet 9 ½ years ago when my boss at the time hired her to work at the pub I was supervisor in. She had just turned 18 and she tottered in wearing high heels with this tiny handbag, I bed the locals she’d last two weeks. Well I was *so* wrong, she had a wicked sense of humour and a heart of gold. We’ve been through a lot together and also had a lot of fun as you can see from the pictures above.

The lady above is my other best friend K, I have 100’s of photos somewhere of us but I just can’t find them. We meet at college when I was 17, we went clubbing one night and have been fast friends ever since.  I know that if I ever needed help K would be there in a shot, we’ve also been through a lot but come out fighting the other side.

One of the great things about these friendships is the future friendships they have started to grow. 

Top left is K’s daughter who believe it or not is only 7 weeks younger than BG; I love that they will grow up together

Top right is N’s daughter who is almost 7; she dotes on BG like a little sister. I’m hoping she will look out for her.

Bottom is my sister’s D’s daughter, who is 8 months younger than BG. I think its great that she will have a cousin close in age to grow up with.

I love all my friends dearly, they have changed me and helped me in many ways and I hope our children grow up to be great friends like us. 



  1. This is such a lovely post and your firends and family look like they love you a wole bunch too x

  2. aaaah lovely! And isnt it lovely when your families grow together too? I am v lucky with my school friends our first borns are 2 months apart!!

  3. Aww such a great post. I love that you have family you call friends. xx

  4. aaaw this is a lovely post, lovely pictures too. It's really nice that you are so close to your family, BG is a very lucky girl x

  5. Becky - They do I'm so lucky x

    maggy - Lovely, its great isn't it x

    SusanKMann - It took a long time to get there x

    Carly - Thanks hun, I know she is x

  6. A great selection of friendship across the years & ages!

  7. aaww look at the size difference in the babies!!!! :D

  8. Lovely photos, lots of love and friendship I can see ;)

  9. Aw, what a lovely post. Great pictures.

  10. Lovely post. One of the greatest things about your oldest friendships is watching new friendships form between your own children. I love that.

    MD xx

  11. It looks like y'all have a lot of fun together!

  12. What a lovely post - it's great that you're so close with your family

  13. Thank you all for the lovely comments x


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