Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Gallery - Men

The men in my life weren't keen on me posting pictures of them on my blog (sshhh don't tell them I have in the past) so I though I share some new pictures of BG with you.

Now its not cheating *ahem* as technically BG wouldn't exist without the men in my life!! There are two main men in my life my dad and OH. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for my dad and neither would BG. 

I've shared with you before how lucky I am to have my dad, he is really supportive and always has time for me no matter how busy he is, me and my sister have always come first. My dad has shared his wisdom with us and his passion for music, the theatre and rugby and thanks to him we have the same loves. My dad still to this day looks out for me, just yesterday I was on the phone to him talking about a trip to London me and BG are taking on Saturday. Whilst on the phone he checked what tube line we needed and whether there were any works on the line that day, he's so sweet. He is a great dad and a fantastic dotting granddad.  

Then there is my Other Half, who I have told you many times is fantastic and supportive. He's not perfect but he's perfect for me, we are total opposites in some ways and exactly the same in the others and without him I wouldn't have my BG!

This is for this weeks Gallery, the prompt was Men.



  1. Hooray for Dads. Lovely non-cheating photos :) and lovely story behind them. Love that your Dad checked the tube and rail works - so sweet.

  2. LOl at the "cheating". Very creative.

  3. Lovely to see your photos.
    I came over to find you as I read your article in the Spalding Guardian today. I didn't realise we had a MAD baby blogger in our area. I live in Holbeach and have been blogging for a few months now - got nominated for MADS but not a finalist.
    I'm also in the paper today, the article in the entertainment section about the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - I'm the one in the daft wig!
    So pleased to have found you. Best of luck with the awards x

  4. And of course when you look at BG you can see the men in you life in her right?!

  5. That's not cheating.. it's just using your creative license ; )
    Great pics - she's an absolute doll x

  6. oh sweetheart - she is so beautiful - very like you at that age!! And your Dad has always doted on both you and your sister and is so very proud of you both - rightly so too!!

  7. Cupotea - Thanks hun x

    menna - He is so sweet

    Susie @newdaynewlesson - Thanks hun x

    Trisha @mums gone to - Such a small world!! Will have a read, thats one of my fav musicals x

    Mummy - She looks just like her dad x

    yummymummyno1 - Thanks hun x

    honkers94 - Thank you though you are bias being my Aunt! x

  8. i'm not biased - just have known you since u were born and know how lovely u have always been -and know how proud ur dad is and always has been and how we are all so proud of you - despite all else - a true grandad gerry trooper!!!


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