Monday, 27 July 2009

The Great Train Journey And Other Adventures Part 1

Wow its been a whole week since I had written a post, I do apologise but as you know I've been poorly and so had BG.

I have so much to tell you including mine and BG's first train journey together, so if you are sitting comfortably then I shall begin! (a Little warning this may be long)

Let me take you back, way back to last Friday (I know, if this day wasn't burned into my memory I don't think I'd remember that far back!) Anyway I had decided that I would meet my best friend and her daughter (my God Daughter) in my nearest big town. Now for me to get there without OH I need to take the train, I've been putting off the train by my self for a while, mainly because the buggy we have it quite cumbersome when down. We bought a new lightweight one a few weeks ago so we had one in the car and for trips on the train!

So after practicing putting the buggy down while sitting with BG on my lap as if I was sitting on the benches at the train station I felt confident to take BG on the train! Silly Silly me

When we got up on that fateful Friday it was raining, I thought its OK I have a rain cover, train station is 5 mins away and we will be in a shopping centre it will be fine!! Now BG had also decided that she didn't want her morning nap, which meant running around trying to get dressed, bag ready, washing up done etc with a grumpy baby screaming for my attention! I should have seen that as a sign and stayed home, but did I? No!! (or there would be little point to this story)

After rushing around we made it to the station with 5 mins to spare, there was one person in front of me at the ticket desk I though great I can relax. Famous last words, oh no this woman wanted advanced tickets but didn't like the price, then wanted a different route, I was starting to get a little annoyed. Thankfully I saw the sign that said they had installed an automatic ticket machine woop!! So got ticket, sat down on bench, put BG on lap, put down buggy, removed my jacket as I was boiling from all the running around and laid it over my bag.

The train arrived and a very nice lady helped me with buggy, we found a seat and sat down, I put my bag on the seat next to me and my jacket was missing, I jumped up and looked out of the window and there it was on the floor under the bench!! It had slipped off my bag, the train hadn't left yet so I ran to the door (BG still in my arms) just as the conductor is closing the doors and has given has signal! I told him what had happened and he told me not too worry

He then had to ring the head office in Derby, who rang the station and they went and got my jacket! So nice of them! I then rang OH to collect it for me as our ticket office closes at 2.30!

The rest of the journey was uneventful, BG wasn't really bothered about the train she just played with her toys. The train journey is only 20 mins so the time went quickly. We arrived and another lovely lady helped me off with the buggy, I got it up, BG in and the rain cover on just in time as it started to rain!

We went and meet my BF and GD and had a lovely afternoon, however it was on the return journey thar it went really wrong!

The rain and been getting heavier and heavier all day, my the time we left the centre and made our way to the train station is what bucketing it down, I also have to point out at this point BG had only a 20 min nap all day and was not in the best of moods. So we were on our way to the station and BG became scared of the rain on her rain cover and started screaming!!

So I'm running to the station in the pouring rain, with a screaming baby trying to sing to her to sooth her. I finally get to the station and our train is on platform 3 which means going across a bridge to get there. Fortunately this is a ramp/bridge to get there, unfortunately you have to go right to the very end of the platform to get there!

So I am now running at the platform, in the rain, with a screaming baby, people are staring, I'm very hot (thankfully had pac a mac in bag)!! I run up the ramp, over the bridge and down the ramp where there is a group of people in my way sheltering from the rain!! They hear BG screaming and move (not without tutting first!)

The train was already at the platform and the train conductor (the nice man from before) points me to the other end where I can push the buggy straight on and park her as they have the flip up/down chairs. However there is a man on one of those chairs (there are 3 of them) so I go pass him , squeeze the buggy in one space, sit on the other chair and try to get BG out without hitting the other people on the train. Now I would like to point out that the train was not full, there where plenty of seats, this man could have moved giving me and BG a bit more space but did he? NO!

I finally get BG out of her buggy and calm her down. Across from us was a couple with their two little girls, who were fascinated by BG, BG liked the attention!

As this is only a 20 min journey it was soon time to ger BG into her buggy, this is were the fun really starts! She starts screaming again, its really raining hard outside so there is no chance of carrying her home. So I get her in the buggy about 5 mins away and try to calm her. Thankfully my daughter likes the boys, the little girls dad starts talking to her and smiling, BG stops crying, starts cooing then falls asleep!!

This lovely couple then proceed to help me off the train, up the stairs, over the bridge and back down the other side! I was so grateful for their help.

At this time the rain was really heavy, there was thunder and lightening and I decided that I didn't really want to walk home, so I went into the supermarket across the road, sat in the Cafe and waited for OH to finish work.

I had to wait an hour 1/2, buy BG her tea and several cups of coffee but I am glad I didn't walk home as when we got home our car park had flooded (which has never happened before) and there was a foot of water!! So so glad I didn't have to push BG through that!

OH had also had a pants day, where he works had been hit by lightening and there was also a leak!

So OH meet us and drove us home, now as I said there was a foot of water in our carpark, but where we park (which is up a little slope was mainly dry) so we drive up (slowly), well our neighbour was just coming out if his front door and as we drove up the water displaced and his feet got wet, at this point I will point that he was wearing Crocs and in his shorts in preparation to go to his car, were he was destined to get wet!

His response to being splashed was "was that necessary?" , now what OH should have said is "Sorry, but it was out of control the water displaced and I drove through the foot of water". What he actually said was "you were going to get anyway"!!!! Argggg bloody men!! That's all a need a war with the neighbours!

Anyway we jump out of the car, I got very wet feet and we were finally home!!

The best things to come out of the day was the fire engine turning up to pump the water, loads of firemen, Yummy!!!

Well that was Friday, I've got the rest of the week to go yet!! So I've decided to tell my story in two parts!

In the second installment you find tales of piggy flu, 1st birthdays and unemployment!! You can't wait can you???

Oh the excitement of my life!



  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Poor you - that sounds like some journey! At least you all got home safe and some firemen came to cheer you up! Looking forward (I think!) to hearing part 2. In the meantime, there's an award for you over at my blog. Enjoy! HCM.

  2. OMG what a story to have for your first train journey eith BG! Looking forward to the next instalment.

  3. HCM - Firemen are all good! thank you for the award

    b- It could only happen to me x

  4. Why do babes decide against the 99.9% guaranteed naps only on the days when you really, really need them to take them. Lovely post made me smile, looking forward to grabbing some time later tonight for part II! Really enjoyed post, Cx

  5. clairelancaster - I'm glad you enjoyed it! BG always plays up when we're going out she must sense it!


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