Monday, 13 July 2009

Some Blogger Love!

The week started so well last week then I got ill and was feeling very sorry for myself! However I have decided not to mope and blog about being ill its sooo boring!! I thought this post could pass on some blogger love!

First of all as you can see I been awarded a "Fucking Fabulous" blog award!! This really cheered up, its such a great award (and the swearing makes be feel like a rebel!!). So as with all blog awards there are conditions that go with them, there are three things I must do:

1. Name the fabulous person who gave it to me
2. List my 5 current obsessions
3. Pass on to 5 other blogs

So here I go

The wonderful Dancinfairy at A Place Of My Own gave me this award, please check her blog out its v good and she currently awaiting the birth of her first baby

My 5 current obsessions

1. The Internet - all forms - blogging, twitter, facebook, shopping etc etc

2. The amount of milk BG is drinking, she has cut down as its driving me a bit insane she's not having the recommended amount!

3. Sewing, I have bought a sewing machine and I'm trying to teach myself to sew!

4. Finding a job!! At the end of the month I will be unemployed, the first time in 13yrs!! Very very scary

5. My baby girl

OK here are the blogs I'm passing this award onto

Ok giveaway time the lovely Amy at And One More Means Four and Peggy at Perfectly Happy Mum are both running a giveaway to win a trip to Alton Towers with accommodation for a family of four! So for double the chance to win go to both blogs!!!

Now Peggy has also set a great new blog called A Mother's Secret and is looking for mummies to contribute. Please pop over and have a look is a fab idea I've already sent a post in

And last but not least if you didn't already know, British Mummy Bloggers runs a Blogger Carnival every two weeks, its held by a different blog each week. The most recent carnival was held by Brits In Bosnia why not have a look, loads of great posts (including one of mine!!)

Going forward I will have the most recent carnival in my sidebar.

Right I have passed the love, have a great night



  1. Congratulations on the award and thanks for passing it on to me :-) x

  2. Thank you for the link and nice words about my blog. I love the idea of having the link to the carnival on the sidebar. Clever! (not sure I would keep it up to date at the moment though so think I will see what happens to my blogging habits once this baby arrives!

  3. Oh look, it is me back again. I have tagged you on my blog. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Sandy - Thank you and you're welcome x

    Dancinfairy - Ahh you're welcome hun. I didn't start blogging until BG was 12 wks old. Thanks for the tag, will pop over now! x

  5. Don't worry about the milk thing, none of mine drunk or drink half as much as they should. I think the formula makers just try to encourage to shove as much down their throats as possible in a thinly veiled attempt to flog us more powder.


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