Thursday, 30 July 2009

Review - Ella Announcements

Recently I was given the chance to review Ella Announcements.

Who and what is Ella Announcements I hear you shout?? Well I shall tell you

Ella Announcement is a website that specialises in unique announcement cards, gifts, stationary and business design.

They can supply you will photocard, wedding stationary, birth announcements, thank you cards, logo and web designs! And many more!

Everything thing is design to your specifications

Ella Announcements is owned and run by Amanda Farren who in her own words describes her self as a ....Skilled circus performer...Juggles 3 toddlers, Ella Announcements, New Ventures, And life as a wife!

You can find out more about Amanda here

OK so what did I have made from Amanda, well I had some thank you cards designed and made for me.

Now I have not always been into thank you cards, frankly I'm just too lazy to send them!! But when BG was born she was bought such lovely gifts I thought I'd better send thank you cards and now I'm a little obsessed with them. However the choices of cards out there are pants! So when I found this site and was given the chance to have them designed to my spec I was in heaven!

Would you like to see the cards???

Of course you would! See below

I had them done to say thank you for my birthday presents, but I have few left over so they will be used after Christmas as well!!

My family and friends loved them, my nan rang me to say thank you for the thank you card!! It was so sweet! I will definitely be ordering cards for BG's birthday party! and hoping she will be doing Christmas cards (hint hint)

Now as I mentioned Ella Announcements provides business designs such as logo's and web designs, Amanda is offering 10% discount to WHAM'S see here for more details

And if raising 3 children, a husband and Ella Announcements wasn't enough Amanda also organises baby fairs!!! Check out the Baby Fair site for more info

So if you are looking for unique gifts, cards, stationary or business design defiantly check out Ella Annoucements you will not only get good quality, individual designs but at a reasonable price!

What more could you want?

NM x


  1. They look lovely, I usually just order some with a pic of smurf on them but these look much nicer.

  2. You can have smurfs picture put in there, I was going for a grown up look as they where from me! x

  3. Oh I do Christmas Cards!!! Very exciting part of the year, is that... It all goes very wild at my end. Hehe.

    And Lorraine, my signature products are designs with photos on. Take a look at the website to see what I mean

    Thanks for such a lovely review, and I'm glad you (and your nan) liked them :-)


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