Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My Family

Yesterday I got to meet my gorgeous niece and sister D and my brother finally got to meet BG!

They live in Tamworth and don't drive like me so hadn't managed to come over to see us yet. Anyway we drove up yesterday and spent the day. My little niece is soooo cute and like all new Born's slept the whole time we we're there! It amazing how quickly you forget what new babies are like it seem like years ago that BG was like that and she's only 7 months old!!

I had a lovely long hold of my niece and BG fell in love with my sister straight away! No crying at all, she wasn't bothered, just went straight in her arms. She was also fascinated by the baby and wanted to grab her!

My brother also came over and BG was smitten at first sight and so was he! He played with her for ages giving her hugs and kisses then he held Baby and was completely smitten with her as well it was soo sweet and we have loads of cute pictures. I've never seen him like that.

We also spent the weekend with my other sister (sister V), who for someone who says they don't have the patience for children is besotted with BG (and who is v jealous I got to see the new baby).

BG has spent the last few days being hugged, kisses and completely spoilt by her Aunts and Uncle and she loved it and so did I! She has finally meet all my siblings, she just needs to meet OH's now!

And I just need to get all of mine in the same place, me thinks BG's 1st Birthday may be the perfect time!

NM x


  1. Hi , your not far from me, my baby is grown up though. Found you on twitter, if your worried about anything get a tweet or email to me as still remember being a new mum and its not easy,
    Jillxxx (artyjill on twitter)

  2. Tasha- It was!

    Jill - thank you thats really kind! off to find you on twitter!

  3. It's so lovely for BG to have a cousin so close in age.
    BTW have a look at @artyjill 's website, she's selling off loads of gorgeous fabric!

  4. Sounds so great. My family are in Cornwall and I am up near Brighton so it will be a while before everyone will be all together, although I am sure that we will have plenty of visitors once the baby arrives and Mr C goes back to work after his paternity leave.

  5. Sandy - I know she's lucky all my cousins are musch younger then me! Thanks for the tip will check the site out!

    Dancinfairy - You'll never be alone again!! x

  6. What a lovely weekend you had. It is nice for BG to get to spend time with your siblings. I adore the time I spend with my nephew, which is not much since we are in different countries. But my kids are all very close to their auntie as she was always around when they were little.

  7. Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  8. B - Thats so sweet, I love that she gets to see them and spend time. My family are so spread out

    Veronica - Glad u like it!


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