Monday, 6 July 2009

Review - Annabel Karmel Pasta Stars

Happy Monday! This weeks review is Annabel Karmel's Organic Gluten Free Pasta Stars (which are also free from dairy, egg and wheat!)

So surprise surprise I'm a fan of Annabel Karmel (hey if you got offered the chance to review products from brands you loved you'd jump at the chance!!) I have two of her books and use them to help me plan BG's meals

Anyway we tried this pasta last week, this was the first time BG had had pasta. Now my problem is that I take instructions really seriously and don't use my common sense!

The instructions say to allow 20g per portion per child, so I weighed out 20g which looked like a lot for BG but that's what the instructions say so that's how much I cooked.

So I boiled the water in a saucepan, put in my pasta and left it simmer for 5 mins as per instructions (it does say to adjust cooking time) Now remember this is the first time I've cooked pasta for BG

I checked the pasta and it was soft, however this is were it goes wrong because I didn't have my Mummy head on so the pasta was soft for me but not quite BF soft (Duhh)

I decided even though Annabel Karmel does have some yummy recipes for pasta sauce that I would just add the pasta to some of her favourite veg purree so not to overload with too many new tastes and textures

Can you already see where this is going? So I cooked far too much pasta and it wasn't quite soft enough! BG just spat the pieces of pasta at me!! disaster so I got her something else to eat!

I tried the pasta again today for lunch, this time a did a smaller portion for BG and made sure it was super soft and she loved it especially now her bottom teeth have finally cut through (yay!!)

So my advice would be when buying this pasta is to use adjust your portion size depending on your child (not like me and cook too much)

This pasta is available from Tesco's and Waitrose and is suitable from 7 months, Pasta Shells and Alpabet shapes are also available

Would I buy this pasta, yes! You can get 12 meals from a bag (more if you are doing smaller portions like me) f

Next time I cook the pasta I will be trying one of Annabel pasta sauce recipes which you can find here

OK off to deal with screaming BG she's dropped purple hippo!

NM x


  1. Goodness, is that what the instructions say? (I never bother reading them, and cook everything my own way and measure portions 'by eye'). Charlie loved the alphabet shapes with a little leftover ham and pesto, though. Just look at his dirty face!

  2. Is it wrong that I want pasta now? It is only 9.45!

    Award for you over at my blog, enjoy x

  3. Good honest review. Mmm pasta!

  4. The Dotterel - Thats my problem I take instructions to seriously esp with things for BG.

    Dancinfairy - Not at all you're pregnant! Thank you for the award

    Sandy - Thank you, I try to write review as I would any other post! The pasta is yummy I of course had to try it to make sure it was ok for BG!

  5. I agree with The Dotterel, I cook by eye too! Love the review, I'll be trying with Baby B soon. I think she will like it! x

  6. Clareybabble - I normally cook by eye except when it comes to BG I don't know why!! I love trying new things with BG x


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