Friday, 29 May 2009

This Weeks New

This week BG turned 6 months olds! I can't believe she's that old already, its gone by so quickly!!

When I think back to the day she was born and look at us now I've realised how far we have come!

BG has found her feet! and grabs them constantly. The other day she pulled off her sock and then tried to eat them it was so funny!

So also learned a new sound this week, its a wonderful growl!! She mainly chooses to do it when we are out which of course gets us lots of funny looks, which she loves!! She just turns on her big grin and charms them all.

BG also had her 3rd lot of jabs yesterday, which means she's a grump at the moment even a trip to the park couldn't cheer her up!

On that note must go BG is having a whinge!!

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

NM x


  1. Tempus fugit as they say....(time flies). Enjoy - they grow at phenominal rate these days.

    Is my spelling ok???


  2. My 19month old still loves her feet and constantly causes odd sock issues due to her ripping them off and hiding them everywhere! my pudding had her jabs 2days ago but she seems ok this time better than last time! x

  3. Happy 6 month birthday BG. My baby is 9 months old today, they're not little for long!
    Award for you at mine x

  4. Celebrate this milestone with an award...over at mine xx

  5. Rebel Mother - Spelling seems fine! I'm enjoying every min!

    Amy - How cute! Glad pudding is ok, BG just doesn't do well with them

    Sandy - Happy 9 months to baby! Thank you for the award

    Clareybabble - Thank you for the award

  6. Award for you over at mine - hope you like it RMx


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