Thursday, 21 May 2009

Not What I Meant!

When I said in my last post I wonder what Baby Girls next first would be I didn't think it would be her first cold!!

Yes BG is bunged up and has a chesty cough!

Finally get rid of the runny bum and now I have snot and phlegm to deal with!

Oh well back to grumpy snotty baby, I maybe quite for the next few days

NM x


  1. Oh dear, good luck! Mine are still full of snot... I HATE SNOT!!!

  2. Oh poor you - colds are hideous for all involved. Hope she gets better soon x

  3. It' one thing after another in this game...

  4. Thanks everyone, she's doing better now still a little sniffly

  5. Hope she feels better soon! Love the labels, lol x


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