Tuesday, 19 May 2009

She Finally Did It!!

After weeks of teasing me, yesterday Baby Girl finally rolled over!!

She rolled on to her front then back again!

She's been lying on her side for weeks looking like she was going to roll on her front then she would just fall back on to her back.

I'm so very proud and excited, its another first which are just so precious.

All day to day she's just been rolling and rolling like she's been doing it for ages its so cute!

I wonder what he next first will be?


  1. Aah I remember this moment with my first so well - it was monumental - so monumental in fact that I even called my Mother on the phone to tell her!! I have to say though, I was a lot less thrilled when my second did it - simply because by that time I was well aware of all the problems having a child that moved could bring. Both of mine loved rolling so much that they used to cover the whole room in no time. Make sure that there are no lamps or heavy thing your little girl could pull on top of her. But huge congratulations!!

  2. I have to agree Isobel mastered rolling so well I wondered if she needed to crawl. She would make very accurate adjustments just by rolling that always got her where she wanted to be - EVERYWHERE.

    So don't think you can predict where she rolls to!

    But it is very cool.

  3. Maternal Tales - Everything has been moved so she can't pull anything on top of her or bang into sharp edges!! I rang everyone I knew!!

    Suprised & Excited Mum - How cute!! She's all over the place at the moment keeps me on my toes!


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