Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My Poorly Baby

This week we have mainly been dealing with runny nappies and grumpy babies. Oh what fun we have had!! If you have a sensitive stomach you may not want to read on!

First of all I have an update on my cousin, she is fully awake now, talking, eating and has managed to walk. They found lots of bleeds on the brain so they are not sure what kind of damage she will have but the future looks bright and she's on her way to recovery!!

So back to my poorly sick baby. It all started last Tuesday, her first nappy of the was very runny but as we have just started weaning I thought it might be because she had parsnip the night before, she was in a good mood. So we got dressed and went to meet my Friend who I met in the maternity ward our girls were born within hrs of each other. Bad bad move!! from then on BG got grumpy and she filled more and more nappies so we went home and I gave her a bottle which she wasn't interested in, by now she had a temperature So I rang and got an appointment with the emergency doctor.

Now why do doctors make you feel like you're a neurotic mother when you take your children in. He did a few checks, looked in her ears and said she's got a virus I wouldn't worry she happy just give her half strength formula for a few days. Simple!! well not really I know I'm a first time mum but It's the first time I've taken her to the doctors (except for jabs etc) she had a temp I have a right to worry!!

As well as her virus BG is still teething so that really helped!! My happy, sleep through the night baby girl turned into a grumpy, I'm going to wake up every hr baby, Joy of Joys !!

BG was still sick over the bank holiday weekend, which made the second bank holiday we couldn't do anything due to illness! On the Sunday we popped over to the garden centre to get a few things, big big mistake. BG filled her nappy and leaked through all her clothes, I'd forgot to pack any clothes! Thankfully there was a sainbury's near by so we nipped bought some new clothes and cleaned her up!!

By the Monday BG was happier and her appetite was back but her nappies where still really runny, so we went to the walk in centre to see the doc.

Now this doctor told me that the virus had probably passed now but it leaves babies lactose intolerant for a while, something to do with the bowel not being able to break down the sugars and he said just to fed her as normal that 8 full nappies was nothing to worry about!!

Next I got the virus!! but thankfully Its passed quickly for me.

Last night BG slept through the night!!!! and today we have had solid nappies!! Yippee my baby is better!! Just need those bloody teeth to come through now! I have started using teething powders and they seem to be working, fingers crossed them toothies come through soon!

NM x


  1. When they've got a temperature they can become very ill very quickly, so I never leave it to chance.
    However every time I take my babies to the GP he makes me feel like a neurotic mother too.
    Still, on balance, I'd rather be a safe neurotic mother than a sorry one.

  2. Oh you poor thing - ill babies are one of the most stressful things for a mother - my eldest used to get sky-high temperatures every other week - and I never learnt to be cool about it. It gets better as they get older (but not much)!! Glad she's on the mend x

  3. Just what I thought, baby has temp go to the doc!! Never mind she's all better now!


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