Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Diet Starts Monday!!

No laughing, shaking your head!! I hear you going "yeah right" , trust me it does!

Not only have I got 2 1/2 stone of baby weight to lose , I was overweight before I fell pregnant.

However the main reason for the diet is that OH has been diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol!!

The nurses advice (after telling him its not diabetes that will kill its the heartattack !!) was to cut out carbs for a month!! So helpful

So after alot of research and advice we are starting the GL diet. Which is supposed to be good for controlling blood sugar!

So today I'm pigging out, finishing of the wine, because the diets starts tomorrow!

NM x


  1. Enjoy your last night of indulgence! i've been dieting for a bit now and i've got another 2 and half stone to lose too, good luck and i hope it falls off you! x

  2. Ooooh dont cut out carbs, you need the complex ones! Its naughty of the Dr to say that. Lots of fruit and veg and bonding walks, and getting a good sleep helps with weight loss too. Whenever you crave something naughty, go for fruit instead or a glass of water. Good luck xx

  3. Good luck!! We had our last night of indulgence last night! On to the diet!

  4. award for you over at mine enjoy! x

  5. Amy - Thank you very much, hope it fall off you too. Also thank you for the award

    OMG Pregnamt - Thank you .Not cutting out carbs just having less of the bad ones. Thankfully baby sleeps through the night so I get plenty of sleep.

    Margarita - Good luck with your diet as well! x

  6. So the diet lasted 4 1\2 days then as BG has a bad cold I gave in!! However I still lost 1lb!


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