Thursday, 28 May 2009

F**ked Off Thursday!

Yesterday was wordless Wednesday well today is F***ked off Thursday!!!

I knew today wasn't going to be fun as BG was having her 3rd set of jabs, she's always grumpy after them so I was prepared, what I wasn't prepared for was my meeting at work!

A few weeks ago I wrote to work requesting that when I returned to work in July that I work part time hours. Ideally I wanted 3 days a week but was happy to work any day that they wanted. When they wrote back and offered me a meeting I thought fantastic they have agreed and this is just a formality, assuming if I could not do part time that they would just write and say so, how wrong I was!

Whats the saying never assume it makes an ass out of you and me!!

They had already decided that they we're going to turn down my request, they were armed with arguments and evidence to help back them up, Including a nice little tracker to show the work that needed to be done on a daily basis etc

Everything I offered to do to help they turned down including the offer to split my hours over 5 days!! (what I was trying to avoid) but no, they used words like "detrimental"! I Had no chance.
Why they couldn't put this in a letter instead of subjecting me to this I don't know, I even cried oh the shame!

So now I have to make the decision to either go back full (which I can't afford because of childcare costs, hence the part time request) or leave and find another job (great looking for a job when we're in a recession)

What really annoys me is that my role didn't exist until I join. I was hired to cover a managers maternity leave (who became my manager, who turned down my request) . The role to start with was very basic mainly just admin, working with one customer only. By the time I went on mat leave I had turned it into a permanent position, was working on all the accounts with all the customers and had built some great relationships with them. I also implemeted systems and checks that saved the company hundreds of thousands of pounds!! and they wouldn't even try to accommodate me.

There is no point in appealing the decison as they were well covered in their arguments and they conformed to the flexible working agreement!

Hey ho back to the drawing board looks like I'm job hunting!

If only I could find something to do from home

Right rant over, thank you for listening

NM x


  1. But if tou work more hours you can afford more chilcare?

  2. Doesn't work like that, the more hrs I work the more childcare I need to pay, by the time I pay full time childcare there is not much left!

  3. That's shit!! Really!! Good luck finding something else and really, it's their loss. I wonder if they're doing this deliberately to force you out and save having to pay you redundancy or something. The only think I can think of that you might be able to do from home would be ebay maybe.

  4. I can thoroughly recommend working from home, it makes much better childcare sense.

  5. Claire - Thanks hun, I have no idea what they are upto but never mind things happen for a reason

    Hullaballo - Just need to find something I can do from home!

  6. Oh no! Sounds like you're a great asset, earning them lots of money. It's really tough for mums going back to work. Is there any way you can afford to be a SAHM? Do a search for Money Saving Expert, it can give you loads of tips for coping money wise. Hope you find something soon xx

  7. Oh My God! I am reading this a bit late sorry. I am trying to catch up on old posts, but what I just read is my own story after my first maternity leave! It is so unfair, isn't it?! The only thing you did like most of us who became mum, is leave to HAVE A BABY, not to STAB THEM IN THE BACK!! I am so p*** off when I read stories like yours and mine because the theory and their great laws protecting women returning to work after becoming a parent are useless, I am afraid to say. This is just paper and words. In practice it just doesn't work! Like you I did work all I could for my company. I was on call all week and had to deal with crap even on Sundays. I have never been thanked for it, not even with a bunch of flowers after the birth of my children.. ungreatful useless boss! Well I should stop ranting, because this really helped me making the decision to become my own employer and to spend more time with my kids, but still I am very disappointed in my boss's behaviour.
    Good luck with this and remember, each cloud has a silver lining, there will be something much better coming out of it, I am sure. Px

  8. Perfectly happy mum - Not as pissed off as I was!! You hear stories of these great business's that a really felxible unfortunatly from the other Mum's I've spoken too most of them had to leave has they couldn't have part time work! Never mind just need to find something to do at home! x


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