Monday, 27 April 2009

Change To Scheduled Blog

The last two weeks have been very very busy!! We have started weaning, I had my first night away from Baby Girl and we went on our first family holiday!!

And that’s what I was going to blog about , until I received news yesterday that my Uncle (by marriage) and my 17 year old cousin were in a car accident. My uncle was killed instantly and my cousin was airlifted to Whitechapel Hospital with head injuries.

Thankfully she awoke earlier today, she has many fractures to her pelvis but they seem to be the only injuries and for that we are eternally grateful .

The most disturbing thing of all is that the guy who crashed into them has been arrested on suspicion on drinking and driving!!! I really do hope this is not the case , its bad enough to lose someone you love but to lose them because someone was reckless and stupid is horrid.

I really don’t know what else to write, so am just going to say thank you again to all the well wishes it really helped

NM x


  1. Oh love. I'm so sorry about your Uncle. People who drink and drive aren't just thoughtless, they're f*ing evil. I hope for a full recovery for your cousin, and time and space to grieve.

  2. Just been told that she didn't wake up yesterday, they rang my nurse to say she was but when she got there she was still in a coma. She woke up today but she can not communicate just stares into space x

  3. That's terrible. I'll send them all the good thoughts I have.


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