Friday, 28 January 2011

My Friday Song and Some Blogger Love

I haven't done blogger love in ages so I though I would bring it back.

Basically  I share with you some new blogs in the blogosphere, I have a great mix for you this week. 

This first one is my sisters (we are taking over!!) she has started a blog to document her wedding which will be in 2012. She is also currently 7 months pregnant.  She has called her blog I'd Get Less for Murder! which after a twitter poll was suggested by @nickie72

Not happy with just getting my family to start blogs, my sister's best friend and boss has also started one!! Bang on Style  is a mixture of vintage fashion, make up and photography. Her E Store Bang on Vintage is launching next month. 

UnPacked Mummy is the new blog of Nomadiac Mother . This is what she says about her new blog:-

This is a blog about my life back in London, England after spending 19 months travelling the world with my daughter K. You can read about our travels here but if you want to read about our life now, well don’t go anywhere cos you want to be right here on this blog.

Once Scene, Never Forgotten is not for the faint hearted.  Its a collection of troubled memories of the bizarre, creepy and plain scary television and film moments from childhood.

I'm not sure how she does copes with 6 children I have enough trouble with 1! but Cherry Mum of 6 makes it look easy. 

Carolin's new blog Mummy Alarm may only be very new but its already do very well. A mixture of her journey of a mum to be on a budget and honest reviews. 

My Mumdom is written by Mum of 4, cook, cleaner, dog walker, taxi driver, speech therapist, gardener, best mum in the world, skivvy, teacher, scapegoat, nurse, entertainer, worst mum in the world, judge and jury

Last but not least is Becoming Familiar written by a hugely independent woman entering motherhood...with twins, as well as other stuff. 

Oh and little blog pimping for me Make it, Bake it relaunches next week!

My Friday Song which reflects my week is Faithless with Insomnia 



  1. Thanks for mentioning me and btw great song you picked. Love that tune x

  2. I will be checking in on some of the above over the weekend, & definitely your make it bake it as I love baking & cake decorating x


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