Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Hovis Wholemeal Challenge – The Result

This is a sponsored post.

Last week I wrote about starting the Hovis Wholemeal Challenge, well here are the results.

50 female bloggers took part in the challenge

·         90% of respondents tended to snack more on Week 1 (when eating their normal breakfast)

·         78% will continue to eat bread for breakfast after taking the challenge, with 64% stating Hovis Wholemeal kept them fuller for longer

·         94% agreed they enjoyed eating Hovis Wholemeal for breakfast

·         86% agreed eating Hovis Wholemeal prevented them snacking in-between breakfast and lunch

·         56% of people didn’t even think about snacking in-between breakfast and lunch when eating Hovis Wholemeal, compared to 29% when eating their normal breakfast

·         After eating Hovis Wholemeal for breakfast, 71% felt more positive about bread overall

·         Most common snacking time overall is between 11-11.30am

I do love the fact we all snack at the same time!! Elevenses anyone?

I have to say I have been naughty and slipped back into bad way; I’m just bad at eating breakfast. I am trying harder and manage breakfast at least 4 times a week.

I do eat less at lunch time if I have a good breakfast and tend to choose healthier options.

Don’t forget you can take the challenge yourself at, There are prizes to be won!


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