Friday, 7 January 2011

In The Week That Was....

We have been de-christmasing. We took all the decorations down and of course the room looked very empty and a little bland. Not helped by the fact that the room is rather beige, so I have been brighting the living room up with some new cushions, candles and curtains. 

BG has mainly been playing with her new dolls house that daddy bought her in the sales. As she clearly didn't get enough at Christmas! BG loves it but has already broken the door off and a chair.

I have been working super hard trying to get 2011 going. So far, so good. I've made some great contacts this week and my parent panel on New Mummy's Tips is really coming together. And I've been sent lots of chocolate!

We've been listening to Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits (what a shock). Some of my favourite tracks on on this album.  Its hard to pick one, so I thought I'd go with a newer track which I adore.

So I'm going to leave you with this track....

When We Were Beautiful 



  1. Didn't see any nice rugs on your travels did you?!

  2. Aww it looks lovely. BG's doll house is gorgeous x


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