Monday, 3 January 2011

Music Monday - Raise Your Glass to 2011

I was an outcast at school, a bit of a freak. I written about this before I was bullied and really hated going. 

I look at me now compared to then and think "you know what, I've done pretty well for myself".

My life hasn't been easy but I've worked hard and battled on and I'm starting 2011 and I mean to go on by kicking ass!!

So I raise my glass to 2011 and the person I use to be.

My Music Monday song is Raise Your Glass by Pink...(contains swear words)



  1. I am raising my glass with you...and a fantastic collection of brags in the previous post!

  2. I am so old now! I have never even heard that Pink song before, lol. Happy New Year to you. Mich x

  3. Raising a glass to you as well and hoping you do kick some ass this year!

  4. Awesome tune, I didn't realise it was by Pink!
    Hope you do kick ass this year! :)

  5. Go Carol, cheers to your new 'kick ass' self.


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