Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I Must Remember to Eat Breakfast!!

This is a sponsored post.

Just before Christmas I was asked to take part in a campaign with Hovis Wholemeal. The campaign was in two parts, for one week I have to record when I had breakfast, when I had a mid morning snack and how I felt during the day. The second week I was sent a goody box of food including Hovis Wholemeal Bread and some breakfast recipes.  I then had to keep a record again of what I ate, when etc.

What I realised during week one is that I’m really bad at having breakfast in the morning. I get BG’s hers then start running around and forget to have mine, this normally leads to a really big lunch and I feel bloated and sleepy all afternoon.

One of the things the campaign was researching was how women snacked, I’m not a big snacker I have the odd biscuit but don’t often have a snack which was one good thing I found. Apparently the average British woman will devour 1,092 unhealthy snacks this year, from crisps, sweets and biscuits to cakes and chocolate, according to research released by Hovis Wholemeal.  That’s a scary thought!!

Hovis Wholemeal believe that if you have a good breakfast which includes bread then it will fill you up better and you will snack less or in my case not eat a huge lunch!

Week 2 was surprisingly easy for me; I knew I had to start eating breakfast so I made sure I sat down with BG in the morning. There were some lovely recipes including toast with fruit and yogurt and banana on toast which I hadn’t had in years. It was really nice to sit down and have breakfast together and BG liked the new recipes.

Did it work, well you’ll have to wait and see!! I will reveal the results soon.

If you want to change your snacking habit or look at your eating plan then try the Hovis Wholemeal App on Facebook www.facebook.com/hovisbakery. You could win a prize everyday!


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  1. I'm pretty crap at eating breakfast too! Must make more of an effort!


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