Friday, 11 September 2009

Musical Mini's and our First Swing!

Yesterday morning me and BG had our first session at Musical Mini's. We had done a trial session about 3 months ago at our baby group and have been on the waiting list ever since. Well a space came up and I jumped at the chance.

I had been looking at something locally to take BG to, the baby group we went to, went right down hill and everything else is to far for me to get to without a car. BG loves music and making a noise so I thought this would be perfect.

Anyway we went along yesterday and she absolutely loved it! It was right up her street, sing and clapping and playing with instruments. I didn't know how she would react to all the noise but it didn't faze her at all, the more noise the better.

She did try to eat most of the instruments she was given to play with except the maracas which she knew straight away how to shake!! I was a little concerned when the instruments where being put away that she would start screaming as she does at home sometimes but she didn't, she let them be taken out of her hand and put into the box.

The group of mum's were really lovely, not at all clique which I was worried about. My friend that I met through baby club went as well so it was nice to have a friendly face.

Afterwards as it was only 11am, we took our girls to the park, where BG had her first go on the swings which again she absolutely loved and have a good old giggle.

Last night she was absolutely shattered and was asleep and in bed by 7.30 and didn't get up until 5.45!! We've had three nights in a row now of undisturbed sleep, fingers crossed it stays that way!

Have a good weekend



  1. Sounds like she had a right rocking time, smurf used to love musical minis too, even now he gets up and dances when ever music comes on..hope she continues to enjoy it.

  2. Oh my - now this is spooky!
    I usually keep my head down when the subject of blogs and PRs and all that malarkey comes up (well sometimes I do anyway.)
    But I feel I must tell you that I am currently doing some PR work for...Musical Minis!
    I wanted to write about them at making the connection clear so that people could see I was biased in their favour, but so it's genuinely lovely to see your write-up and I will pass it on to Karen Sherr at MM who I answer to.
    Thanks Carol, I think you have made my day - well brightened a crap afternoon anyway.

  3. PS I have heard some funny things about swinging.

  4. Glad you and BG had such a good time!

    These groups can be a minefield but it sounds like you have found a good one.


  5. Fun stuff!
    I really want to take the little dude to something musical, but I think he's a little bit young yet - sounds like it's worthwhile though :)

  6. Me again! Just dropping by to let you know I'vw tagged you for an award over at mine.


  7. Piran loves music, cannot wait to take him to something like that.

  8. Lorraine - She did indeed I think she was born to rock

    Linda - Lol well we really did love it & have signed up for the next 7 weeks!

    Insomniac Mummy - I know they can, I've had my run in with the Yummy Mummy Crew!! Thank you for the tagg, I really must find time to pass them on!

    Miss Leslieanne/Kellyfairy - Your boys would love it! x

  9. Sounds like you had fun, my little boy adored Rythmtime when I used to take him, I may just start up again.

  10. Hi everyone, Janie here from Musical Minis! Very new at this,so not sure if message will appear as it should!? Anyway, great to read such lovely comments from members past & present and it's really nice to hear that you mums (and dads) enjoy the classes as much as the children do! Somebody mentioned age earlier - just so you know we take babies from any age, just make sure we have space!
    you can contact me on 01778 570340 See you soon......


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