Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Best Of British Mummy (& Daddy) Bloggers Carnival

Hello Hello Hello and welcome to the latest BMB Carnival. If you are new to my blog welcome to my place and if you've visited before welcome back!

Its my great honour to be the latest host and I've got so many great posts for you!

So grab a coffee/tea/dietcoke/glass of water, sit back and have a great read!

First I have a great collection of School posts, some are back to school and some are first day trials and tribulations.

Jo Beaufoix now has two girls in school, how did the first day at school go?

Sarah from the School Gate, is finding her son's first day at school emotional, she discus's what its like for the mum's as well

Nixdminx is cooking her way through NTA (new term anxiety)

Milla at Country Lite has had an interesting time being a hostess with the mostest!! Its all sounds Yum.

Mummy Do That talks about the the question that people are scared to ask her in her post The Unsaid.

Liz at Living With Kids is not sure how it happened but The boy does nothing!

Mums The Blog keeps having those Paranoid Parenting moments, I have them all the time!

Catherine at Withenay Wanders has a daughter who wants to be the Green Man

Helen at Business Plus Baby talks about becoming a parent for a second time.

Potty Mummy at The Potty Diaries has a new show called PR Agencies do the stupidest things...

And the Sun Shone for Elsie Button over at Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes

Claire Lancaster has done her own Group B Strep Screening test, found out why this test is important

Ladybird World Mother's children find her most amusing!

Maria at Fab Mums has a pillow for the Tooth Fairy!

Rebel Mother at Another Day In The Mad House has found Divine Solitude and if that picture is were she's going I might have to join her!

Pippa at A Mothers Rambling has started planning Christmas!! You might want to scream ......like Noddy Holder of course!

Football Identity is being discussed over at Brits In Bosnia.

Sandy at Baby Baby has a baby that smells of strawberries, beats what BG smells of!!

Kellyfairy at A Place Of My Own shares with us how her son got his name Piran

Our A Modern Mother Susanna is dealing with PTA Politics

The Survival Guide for Rookie Mums reminds us to Enjoy ours kids, don't endure them! Good advice!

Have A Lovely Time tells us the 10 things they loved about Blackpool, yes there really is 10 things!!

I'll let Nadine at Time Management Mum explain what Vesuvial is!!

Victoria at Its A Small World After All has been walking in the Swiss mountains with her Children, sounds fantastic!

Babyrambles worries that her Podge watches too much television

Surprised and Excited Mum little girl is A Whole one and a half

At Sleep Is for The Weak its all Linguistic Mysteries and Practical Storage Solutions!

Tim at Bringing up Charlie gives his apologies

angels & urchins have been invaded by the SMOG

Insomniac Mummy tell us her 5 things....

Linda at You've got your hands full talks about Kindness and Strength

Over at TheMadHouse there is a worry she might be strange! Not as strange as the rest of us!

Yummy Mummy Tips shares with us how see meet her Perfect Partner, she's a very lucky lady!

Muddling Along Mummy asks Has becoming independent women unable to ask for help?

Andrea the Accidental Business Woman shows how to Feed A Family of 5 for £20 a week, yes a really said £20!!

Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? asks us to take a chance! Go on its worth it!

Carly at Wives and Daughters tells her Labour Story

Half Mum Half Biscuit has been Sellotaping pretzels back together

Now there is a warning with this next post from Maternal Tales From The South Coast its is poo story with pictures!! Look at the the size of that (sorry!!)

Lastly our most recent host the lovely Clareybabbling gives us an update on Little S

Phew all done. I've had a great time pulling this together, its been a great excuse to read loads of post and find new blogs.

Hope you all enjoyed reading them.

If you want to host a carnival then check out the schedule there are some dates free!


I have a quick last minute addition from Lorraine at Ramblings of a Mum on the run, this is her post for the Save One Mammy Campaign, she asks Who Gets Hurt?


  1. Carol!!! My first Carnival post!! Hurray!! Thanks. :-)

  2. This must have taken you ages! Thank you so much for showing your readers my favourite things about Blackpool - had a job cutting them down to 10, let me tell you! What's not to like about Janette Krankie on a motorised scooter and a parrot that says 'hello darlin'" :)

    Thanks also for featuring my post on 'kindness is a strength' - a bit soppy but am getting to see lots of people round these parrts agree with me.

    Now I need to go and read all the rest. Could be gone some time. Good day to you. xx

  3. Thanks lovely - can't wait to read all these fabulous posts!

  4. Great carnival, there are so many good posts that it is going to take me a while to go through all of them so I will have to return this evening with a couple of hours to spare to make sure I don't miss out on such good read. Thanks for including my post!

  5. Got my coffee, got the kids in nursery, am ready to go! It looks great, lots of new blogs and posts I haven't read. Thanks for organising it!

  6. Great! All my favourite people in one easy to get to place. Baby Boy do you feel sleepy? Mummy needs some time to read...

  7. Thanks for including me, you've made my day!

  8. This is fantastic I'm looking forward to working my way through all of these posts - I found you through a re-tweet from MummyBloggers btw.

  9. Looks like you've been extremely busy - well done for pulling this all together. I will refill my mug and get stuck in!

  10. Thanks for hosting such a great carnival!


  11. Thanks for including my post. Can't wait to read the rest. This must have taken AGES! Well done x

  12. Oh, bravo! Fabulous list.

    Right - I'll be camping here all night then!


  13. Crikey Carol - this just has to break the record for the amount of posts. Well done you. Will try to get through them all!

  14. Is this the biggest carnival yet? Need to wait til girls are in bed before I indulge methinks! Thanks for including us :-)

  15. Thanks for putting me in Carole, even though I was late!!! Now I need smurf to go to bed early so I get a chance to read them all.

    Well done you for putting them all together , it's huge.

  16. Lots to read, must have taken you some time to put together. Will slowly work my way through them!

  17. Brilliant job Carol. And so many fantastic blogs. Hoping to get through them all.

  18. Andrea - You are welcome!!

    Linda - Thank you, it took a few hours but I enjoyed it

    Liz - Thank you and enjoy

    Maria - Thanks and you're welcome

    Brits in Bosnia - You're welcome

    Pippa - Lol, thanks

    Helen - You're welcome hun

    Cupotea - Welcome, thank you x

    HCM - Very busy but loads of great posts, enjoy

    Insominiac Mummy - ahh thanks hun

    Sandy Calico - You're welcome, took a few hours!

    RM - Thank you, I know loads of great posts

    Maternaltales - I think it might be, 42 final count!

    Sam - Well you're welcome, I believe it might be the biggest yet, its only going to get bigger!

    Lorraine - You're welcome and thank you

    Whistlejacket - come back as often as you like!

    Jo Beaufiox - Thank you, hope you do, some great posts.

    Thank you to everyone that sent a post in, we ended with 42 posts!! Also thank you to everyone that has retweeted on twitter or put a link on their blog x

  19. Thank you very much for added me. I am going to make sure I like - bad mummy, as I havnt yet. I have also started to tweet, so will reweet. You are a start and I love your new colour scheme.

  20. Me again, just came back to say..there is an award for you over at mine.

  21. Wow, that's a lot to read! Might have to save those till I'm at work ;-)


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