Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My Lost Hour

For those of you that follow me on twitter or have read previous posts will know I'm job searching at the moment.

I'm also on Job Seekers (which I'm not that proud about) and if we could get by without the money I wouldn't bother but we need it.

Every fortnight I go to the Job Centre and "sign on", that is sign a piece of paper to say I've actively looked for work, and show them what I've done. I've been doing this for about 8 weeks now.

Last week I got a letter inviting me to a Back to Work session to "assist your search and improve prospects of finding a job", I was more then a little insulted!

So today I went along to a local hotel to attend this group session. For me it was complete waste of time, its not that I don't know where to look for a job, is that I can not find a suitable role for me. Finding part/time flexible work is not easy.

I could see that the session was useful for some, and there was offers with help with training etc but I already have the skills that they were offering. They explained the different resources available if you haven't got a computer or access to the Internet.

I spent the hour going, yeap doing that, doing that, doing that!

They tried to tell us that there was work in our area available!

Fun Fact 1: In my Town last week was 75 full time positions available on the Job Centres website
Fun Fact 2: There are currently approx 1700 people on Job Seekers in my Town

I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle!!

I'm in an unfortunate position that I don't drive and our public transport is limited so its hard for me to work outside of the area! I feel like I'm going round and round in circles and the real kicker is I can only claim Job Seekers until January as I was on maternity previous to my claim and haven't paid enough NI contributions!!

This is the first time in 13 years I've been unemployed! and I'm only is this situation as the company I worked couldn't accommodate part-time hours and I could afford full time childcare

So today I lost an hour I will never get back and I'm no closer to a job!!



  1. When ever I've needed to look for another job (before i was self employed) I've always written direct to companies I would like to work attaching a copy of my CV, then chasing up with a phone call asking if they had any work. I didn't wait for jobs to be advertised as lots of people would then be going for the same job. Smaller businesses may want someone part time if they are just starting to get busier again but not confident that there is enough work coming in to justify employing someone full time. If they get a good CV they might think 'we could use someone like her'

  2. Jennysnail - you would think wouldn't you, but I have sent out CV's, made countless phonecalls, If there is a site I can put my CV its on there. People have contacted but I can't work the hours they require or get to the place of work resonably.

  3. That sounds horrible - that you're doing everything you can but have some valid constraints (travel and childcare) - I wish there was some way that the job centre could actually help you rather than taking an hour of your time to tell you what you're already doing ... must be so frustrating

  4. What a nightmare for you, my husband was out of work for the first six months of this year and it was an awful time. The problem is as you describe it - there are too many people after too few jobs. Even if you have the right skills and experience, it's really hard getting noticed because every job vacancy is deluged with applicants. I bet you felt quite insulted by that session, I would have too. Fingers crossed you'll get something soon.

  5. I really feel for you, I've had my own jobseeker hell experience this year. I was eventually turned down as I hadn't made enough contributions. The system is ridiculous, and I agree with the jobs to applicant ratio too. The final straw was receiving an email saying that my CV wouldn't be considered as they'd received over 600 applications!! I've given up and applied for full time university place for next year, when my daughter will be at school full time.

  6. I don't drive either and it is surprising how limiting it is. Job hunt sounds like a nightmare, I really hope you find something right for you soon.. Least you got to go home for baby hugs xx

  7. Muddling Along Mummy - If they actually helped me find a job, I wouldn't mind so much

    Whistlejacket - Thank you hun, really insulted. The thing is is they send everyone on it!

    Littlemummy- Good for you, I did my degree a few years ago, I went back as semi-mature student but even thats not helping me. I would love to do my masters but just can't afford it

    Icklebabe - She makes it all worth while! Thanks hun


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