Friday, 25 September 2009

Sleep Is For The Weak...

...well that's what Baby Girl must think, because she won't ruddy sleep and is definitely not weak!!

Now I know I keep banging on about how great BG slept when she was younger but trust me I need something to hold onto! I need to believe that she will again sleep through the night or I might go mad!

The first 9 weeks BG was home was hard, she woke through the night for constant feeds and me and OH would take turns to do the night shift, sometimes one of us sleeping down stairs with her so the other could get some sleep.

Then at 9 weeks she dropped 3 nights feeds in a space of a week and started sleeping 7 till 7!! We couldn't believe our luck, we were secretly quite smug, we had friends trying different sleep routines and we had done nothing and yet or baby slept 12 hours straight!

Don't get me wrong she didn't always have a good night sometimes she would settled till 8 or 9pm and other times she woke early but all in all she was a dream that is until about 10 weeks ago.

Our perfect night had come to an end!! At first we though it was her teething and low and behold 3 teeth popped out !! yay sleeping though the night will commence again, WRONG!

She is still not sleeping right at all and we are suffering. BG either settles really well at night but them wakes super early, its been 3.30am for the past two days, 4.30am before that. We just can't settle her and get her back into her cot, that girl wants to play! Or she doesn't really settle at all and is up most of the night!

Now I am fortunate that OH helps through the night, actually to be honest he does a lot of the nightshift then will wake me early so he can get a few hours before work. The problem is that even when he gets up to her I still don't sleep well and I can hear her and miss him in the bed!
I read somewhere that between 6 and 10 months Babies go through a sleepless phase due to all the new things they are learning and it passes. Well BG will be 10 months on Sunday we are praying that this ends soon.

My house looks like a bombs hit, we've almost given up on food and coffee is my bestest friend in the whole wide world!

At this rate we won't need a costume for Halloween me and OH can go as Zombies!

Now over at the fab blog Sleep is for the weak is a sleep deprivation carnival and she wants some pictures, thankfully there are none of me but a few of OH...sshhh don't tell him



  1. I'm sorry you're not getting much sleep. It is hard, but remember the mummy mantra:
    This too shall pass!
    I love that photo! x

  2. what a fab piccy! I think i've got one of my hubby out like a light too mwa ha ha!! i hope things settle down for you soon.

    A tip for you, sounds like shes got herself in a bad pattern of sleep, can you do something drastic to change the endless circle of bad nights sleep. I found that if one of mine were constantly getting up night after night i would let them sleep at my mums house just to break the bad routine. i worked like a charm!! sometimes a big change can kick start a new routine xxxx

  3. What a priceless picture! Don't worry this phase will come to an end soon. It's part of the mummy package.

  4. Sandy - Thank you I will remember that!

    Amy - Thanks hun, she's having her first sleep over at her nana's on sunday so hopefully that will work!!

    A Modern Mother - Thank you, I'm sure I had more pics of him, not sure where they went!

  5. Sorry your not getting much sleep , i do understand though . Ru is now 1 and has slept through the night a total of...oh wait never. Don't see it happening anytime soon YAWN

  6. Amy's tip has worked for us before too...

    Love the photo!

  7. Oh, BG had a great nights sleep at her Nan's didn't she? (I saw on Twitter). Hopefully Amy is right and that will reset her!

    I keep thinking about you saying she dropped the two night feeds at 9 weeks. Piran is 8 weeks and I am getting up between 11.30 - 12.30 and 3.30 - 4.30 every night at the moment. If he would just drop one it would be nice!


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