Sunday, 6 September 2009

I've Gone and Got....

Blogger block! I have no idea what to write at the moment.

I keep thinking I have great ideas, then I write them out and they are pants!

I think it may be severe lack of sleep Baby Girl is still not sleeping properly, she woke at 11 last night and finally fell asleep at 8.30 this morning!!! My brain is really not functioning at the moment, I can't even concentrate to do the meme's that have been passed on to me!

Hopefully this will pass soon and I will be back to my super funny and interesting self *cough* *cough*

Anyway to keep you going, I am hosting the next BMB Blogger Carnival on the 15th September email your entries to

Also I'm running a Review Rodeo over at New Mummy's Tips on Tuesday, so if you want your review entered send it over to me by Monday night.

OK off to find my mojo!



  1. Hey look your wrote something and didn't even realise it!

  2. Ah, you dont realise how much sleep you need until you dont get it. Bit like money really , or a rich bloke!

    Hope you manage to get a kip somewhere.


  3. I know exactly what you mean; I often have "The Block" and I can't blame lack of sleep, I'm getting my full 8 hours (not gloating, honest) I bet the ideas that you've written down are great; you're probably just over-thinking things. Here'e hoping you get some shut-eye soon :O)

    Thanks for visiting my little corner of the bloggy world!

    B x

  4. Pippa - Lol so I did!

    RM - Thank you, I hope it comes soon

    B - Now your showing off!! You're welcome I wish I had more time toread all the fab blogs more regulary, though have just the pictures of your house, its lovely! I'm sure I'll get some sleep one day!

  5. I feel your pain! LD is just not into sleep lately - I knew I was getting it too easy with 2x2 hour naps daily!!
    Hope you get time for some napping soon :) x


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