Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I've had a busy little day today, but very nice. Started with a lay in as OH is on late night tonight so he got up with BFB. I came down at 9.30 she was fed, washing up was done, a load of washing was in the machine and then he made me breakfast!! Can't be bad! I then got to have a long soak in the bath.

Once he went to work me and BFB went into town, had to go to the post office then popped to the liberary to find out want I need to join. I know its terrible I haven't joined before, but to be honest I didn't realise we had one!! Anyway didn't have what I needed to join so will go back later this week.

We then had a walk around the market which took all of 5 Min's as we only have 20 stalls and to be honest they are pants!!

Next we went to baby clinic to get BFB weighed, she now weighs 16lbs!!!! Now you understand why we call her Big Fat Baby. Health visitor is really happy with her which is great. I did have a little concern, she is a very sicky baby and is sick all day. However the health visitor is not concerned as she is putting on weight really well.

Got my invitation today for baby massage classes, I'm really annoyed as we can not make them!! The first one is the day after her jabs and you shouldn't do any massage on them up to 48 hrs after!! Ruddy typical it always happens to me!

BFB has been trying to roll over all day its really cute, she is trying really hard, hopefully she will master it soon.

Right BFB is asleep I shall go and fold the washing!..or maybe a quick game of online scrabble!!

NM x

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