Monday, 23 February 2009

A Proper Introduction !

After that very quick first blog I thought I had better give you a proper introduction.

As I have already told you my name is Carol and my daughter (BFB) is 12 weeks old. She is my one and only child and after the pregnancy and birth from hell (which is a story for another day) that is the way its going to stay!

Me and my other half (OH) have been together for just over two years, we got engaged last February and I fell pregnant in March and my baby girl was born in November 2008 on her due date, which was a good thing because I hate to be kept waiting. I do however love being a mummy, I keep looking at her amazed that she came from me!!

When we first brought her home I did think I would never cope! She wouldn't breastfeed (If one more person tells me breastfeeding is easy and everyone can do I will hit them) She didn't feed properly for the first three days and lost 10% of her body so the paediatrician put her on a feeding schedule and wouldn't let us take her home, it was at the point we decided to formula feed her which worked wonders and we got to take her home the next day. The chunky monkey at her last weigh in was 14lbs 13.5 Oz's!!

It was really hard work the first few weeks, she feed every three hours and I was recovering from a c-section all I can say is that I have the best partner ever who is so supportive and defiantly does his fair share.

So here we are 12 weeks on, BFB has been sleeping through the night for the last 4 weeks and is in a routine during day. The best bit is she has found the routine her self I haven't had to do much, I'm a very lucky mummy.

At them moment she has fallen asleep under her Jungle gym for the third time today! Must go she will be awake soon for her next feed .

NM x


  1. Welcome to blogging :)

    Wishing you happy days and sleeping nights with your daughter!

  2. Ahhhh, congrats on your little one. Miss M (now 4) could not breeast feed either. After 2 weeks where she hadn't had a change in poo and was losing weight I put her on the bottle and she projectile vomited. It turns out she had an immature valve, so I definitely agree, not everyone can breast feed as not all babies can. Sounds like you made the right decision. I bet she's gorgeous. Welcome to blogging. :D


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