Monday, 23 February 2009



My name is Carol and I'm a new mummy. My daughter is 12 weeks old and being a mummy is brand new to me.

My new obsessions since having her are her and the Internet!! I'm addicted the facebook and Twitter (where by the way you can follow me my username is Caroljs)

Everyone seems to have a blog these days so I've decided as I spend so much time on the net while my baby (affectionately known as big fat baby BFB in our house)is asleep I would take my turn at blogging, so you can join the exciting journey of motherhood.

Now I'm warning you this may being incredibly boring but hey I've always wanted to be a writer so this is my chance and if no one reads it never mind Its a good outlet for me, hopefully stop me going mad!

Well that's my first post, short I know but I'll be back with more!

NM x

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  1. I started my blog in February 2009 too. It's funny that we're now seasoned old hands!


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