Friday, 6 August 2010

Soundtrack To My Week

I've been so busy today on my other blog that I almost didn't write this post but as I was working today something quite nice happened.

I was listening to 6 Music which is my new favourite radio station, Nemone was on and talking about Reading Festival she asked people to tweet their most memorable Reading Festival so I did.

I've been going to Reading Festival on a Sunday night (heavy rock night) for a few years and I love it, I've seen some awesome headliners including Pearl Jam and Iron Madien.

So my most memorable one? Well this is the tweet I sent to Nemone as was read out live on radio!!!

@nemone6music I have to say my most memorable reading festival was in 2008 I was 7 months pregnant & rocking out to metallica

I give you Enter Sandman by Metalica live at the Reading Festival 2008



  1. Brilliant. Love Metallica; haven't been to Reading for a good few years now. (Did manage Hyde Park Hard Rock Calling last year with two weeks till due date!)

  2. Love this song. Love, love, love.

  3. Hearth-mother - Go you!! I couldn't have done that I could barely move with two weeks to go

    gonnerjamie - glad you approve mister


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