Monday, 2 August 2010

Have You Missed Me?

You may have noticed I've been on a little blogging break, well I'm back there is no need to worry. The break started because we were struck by lighting which trip the fuses and blew up the modem!! Of all the things to go!

So I had to take a break from the internet, which to start with was really hard not being able to nip on and have a look at things but after a week I didn't miss it, so when we go the internet back I decided to extend my break as OH had a week off from work.

Its been nice to step back and re-evaluate my blogs and how much time I spend online. I've realised that even though I set myself a rule that I won't go on while BG was awake unless OH was home with her, I found myself sneaking on to answer emails or writing posts, I'm now going to be super strict with myself, I've realised that the time I spend with BG is precious to me and she's growing up so quickly, I'm taking my own advice live first and blog last.

I'm putting two of my blogs on the back burner as I don't have time to dedicate to them and focus on New Mummy's Tips, this blog and my music blog For Those About To Rock.

New Mummy's Tips is having a little revamp at the moment, and I'll have a little relaunch soon. I'm refocusing the blog, when I first started NMT's it was supposed to be a mixture of review, tips, money saving advice and I found myself posting many review so I need to readdress the balance, so look out for new features.

We've had a great few weeks off, we've been on some day trips, spent the weekend in Telford which we were reviewing for Have A Lovely Time. We've done lots of drawing and stickering which is BG's most favourite thing to do at the moment. 

I will leave you with some pictures of what we've been up to on our break. 



  1. Good for you Carol. Change can only be a good thing - she says. Time out is also great to reflect. Sometimes life and projects can run away with you and you lose your focus and then your goal doesn't really happen. Good luck with it all.

  2. Yeah, I missed you. I think that is great advice, I know I am bad for that. I only have 1 day during the week with my little ones and I keep sneaking online. "smacks hand". I'm going to try take your advice. Thanks x

  3. Hey Carol, lovely to "see" you - I don't think there are many of us who haven't been where you are you know -- it's so easy to think of blogging as "me time" but it isn't always that way, is it? Family, work and the rest of life gets in the way, I think that overall this is a good thing! Loving the pics by the way, looking forward to reading more. xx

  4. Gorgeous pictures. I did a similar thing re blogging break. Have been ill for past six months or so and decided to cut the computer time right down. Didn't realise how much time I was actually spending on it until I realised how out of touch I was with blog reading. And now my comments have suffered! Out of sight etc... I'm back to blogging again but only spend half as much time doing it as I used to. Health and life first, blogging second. Quite right.

    CJ xx

  5. I would like to respond to the ad in the Post Office, but all I can type is WTF? Glad you enjoyed your break though.

  6. Naomi - Thank you

    SusanKmann - I missed you to hun! Its hard to stay offline.

    Linda - Thank you, I have lots of lovely pictures for you!

    Crystal Jigsaw - Bless you, I'm so behind on blog reading I must make more time to have a read.

    goonerjamie - LOL

  7. good for you!! Never regretted one moment spent with brat 1 and 2 but would have regretted not being there for them! Can't believe my BG is 14 in 10 days - where did that time go!! Beautiful pics as ever - she looks such a wee imp xo


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