Thursday, 26 August 2010

From The Mouths Of Babes....

One of BG's favourite games is the point to the part of the body game, you know the one where you say 'where's you nose' and they touch it. Sometimes we get her to point to ours so 'where's mummy's ears?' and she points to it.

This is what happened earlier today when playing that game.

OH: Where's BG's Hair?

BG: There it is (points to her hair)

OH: Where's Mummy's hair?

BG: There it is (ruffles mummy's hair)

OH: Where's Daddy's hair?

BG (looks around daddy's head) All gone

My child doesn't lie!



  1. That just made me giggle - bless :) xx

  2. Love it, kids are sooo funny!! And a little too honest! x

  3. Lovely! You just made me laugh, what a sweetie. My girls are so big now I really miss that stage (although my 10 year old has just baked some amazing chocolate chip cookies, so I'm not complaining!) x

  4. Ahhh I love it! Sooo cute. :D

  5. Bless her. And little ones never lie!

  6. Brilliant, can't wait till we're at that stage, we're just at the two word stage (turned 2 a month ago).
    Today it's been 'mummy tired' and lots of yawning!


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