Monday, 16 August 2010

Music Monday - Changing Tracks

I'm being a bit lazy this week as I get ready for our weekend away.

This post was originally written for the last Guest Post Day and was featured on 

Changing Tracks 

Music has always been a big part of my life and a huge passion of mine. I love to go to concerts, my first gig was Kylie Mingoue when I was 11, I really wanted to see Jason Donavon but my dad wouldn’t take us.

I’ve always used music to show my emotions and will listen to what fits my mood. I like most genres but rock is my favourite.

Certain songs and albums invoke memories for me or remind me of people. Bon Jovi’s New Jersey album is my favourite not because its amazing musically but it reminds me of my first trip to Florida with my dad and sister. I listened to it the whole time we were there, me and my sister would have a headphone each, it was an amazing holiday.

When I hear ‘it’s raining men’ by the Weather Girls I always think go my best friend K, it is and always will be ‘our’ song, many a drunken dance has been done to that track.

There are songs I listen to when I’m sad, ones I listen to when I’m happy and even angry songs, but there is one song that changed my life.

Why? It was the song that was playing when BG was born.

BG was born by C-section, we had forgotten to bring our music into theatre so the anaesthetist played his for us. It made us laugh because it was really bad music lots of the Beach Boys, but as she was born this song was playing and I think it’s really apt.......

It’s all right now by Free


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